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Nov 27, 2013

White & Gold party in Milan to present Atelier Pronovias

Our Milan Flagship store dressed up in white and gold to hold the presentation of Atelier Pronovias 2014 Collection dresses yesterday evening.

Journalists, bloggers and many familiar faces from the city of Milan didn’t  want to miss the chance to see the new collection. All attendants were dazzled by the details in fabrics, jewels, embroidered and chantilly lace and handmade process care was what caught the attention.  Specially when they learnt that one single dress needs more than 40 hours of pure craftsmanship, made ​​for brides who trust our the brand.

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

We could not miss the Aperol, the typical Italian drink with sparkling wine or prosecc that has a lot of lovers. Macarrons and snacks served were all tinged with gold. These little details were the icing on the cake of a night full of magic in white and gold.

Famous Italian actress and model, Eva Riccobono, hosted the party and her boyfriend, Matthew Ceccarini, a renowned DJ, was responsible for cheering up the party. They are definitely a perfect match and she looked amazing in the Tadiana style, from 2014 Cocktail collection.

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

Manuel-Ehrensperger Pronovias CEO and Eva Riccobono

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

The couple Matteo and Eva hosted the party

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

Mateo Ceccarini, Eva’s boyfriend, is a famous DJ

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

Ana Laura Ribas, the famous italian TV presenter

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

The model Nedine Vos

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

Darya Kamalova, the famous blogger from The CabLook

Atelier Pronovias Milan | AtelierBackstage

Francesca Senette blogger from hold the event dressing one of the Atelier Pronovias dresses

We hope to come back soon, Milan !

Nov 22, 2013

Sara & Kev wedding video

We’d like to say goodbye to the week with a video, as a way to start the weekend with the power of the happiness of a couple who just say yes for the rest of their lifes.

This video is not the official one of Sarah & Kev’s wedding, it’s just a teaser,  like a movie trailer where the highlights are disclosed.

Sarah choose a princess style, very romantic, full of lace and tulle. For those of you looking for inspiration of natural hair styles, have a look to Sarah’s look: very simple but very becoming. Also perfect for a veil as the one she wore.

Click play and enjoy!

Sarah & Kev Wedding Trailer from Deneemotion Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.

Nov 20, 2013

Video teaser of Atelier Pronovias Fashion Show NYC

St. James church in NY held the first fashion show of Atelier Pronovias Collection. In this spectacular framework, all dresses looked like they would do in a royal wedding, surpassing the previous fashion shows of Pronovias in the city.

In such a unique location, the backstage had to be improvised in one of the adjoining rooms. Even the fitting was done in a beautiful classic library inside the church.Definitely an experience to remember for all Pronovias team members and all New York brides-to-be!

Here is a preview of what you will see very soon…

Nov 15, 2013

The train

The tail was the differentiator of the social class of the bride at the time of the Middle Ages. Much has happened since then and now is merely a feature of the groom dress .

Atelier Pronovias collection, presented in NY a few days ago , brings together a set of details in embroidery, in fabrics and tails that make it unique and special. In dresses that shine like jewels, loom large trains and backs. The latter filled with slides, buttoning and lace. And the tails get a princely air and elegant to look, perfect for that day.

There isn’t astandard train type but there are different types: sweep, chapel, cathedral, royal… according to the dress you want you will find one kind or another. The ideal is the one not too long so that you can pick it up during the dance. Think that it’s the most important day of your life and you certainly have to look amazing. Also think that the guests will see your back when entering into the church or wherever you get married.

The importance is on the details , and the train is one of them. Here are some of the trains we saw during the presentation of the Atelier Pronovias collection las Tuesday in NYC.

PRONOVIAS Present 2014 Atelier Fashion Show, RUNWAYPRONOVIAS Present 2014 Atelier Fashion Show, RUNWAYPRONOVIAS Present 2014 Atelier Fashion Show, RUNWAYPRONOVIAS Present 2014 Atelier Fashion Show, RUNWAYPRONOVIAS Present 2014 Atelier Fashion Show, RUNWAYPRONOVIAS Present 2014 Atelier Fashion Show, RUNWAYPRONOVIAS Present 2014 Atelier Fashion Show, RUNWAY

PRONOVIAS Present 2014 Atelier Fashion Show, RUNWAY

And what about you, are you thinking in wearing a dress with a train?

Nov 14, 2013

Pronovias reveals Atelier collection

Elegant and stylish wedding dresses were presented yesterday in New York. St.James Church was the perfect scenery for such a special Atelier Pronovias new collection and for the first time presentation in the US.

The new collection features romantic, ethereal gowns that delicately highlight the body, exuding elegance without detracting from the beauty of the bride. Sensual lace overlays and silk petals and are strewn with delicate adornments like luminescent pearls and crystals, adding subtle glamour to each piece. These flowing gowns envelope the bride like a second skin that accentuates her elegance and beauty.




 Atelier Pronovias Atelier Pronovias



Atelier Pronovias

Petra Nemcova hosted the event. She dressed a in an embellished blush toned mini dress from the Pronovias 2014 Cocktail collection. But also notable attendees included Kelly Bensimon, Gillian Miniter, Marcus Stewart, Diego Osorio, Davinia Pelegri, Oriol Elcacho, Elena Kurnosova and more.

Promptly after the show concluded, guests were escorted to the after party to enjoy cocktails and bites in the Pronovias flagship store. The atmosphere was amplified with music played by Chelsea Leyland.



Davinia Pelegri and Oriol Elcacho Petra Němcová

Petra Němcová with Pronovias CEO  Manuel Ehrensperger

Laura Barrionuevo, Manuel Ehrensperger, America Vallejo, Esther Hormann

 In Pronovias we always say that we dress the dreams of stylish woman all around the world  and with this collection we are bringing this claim to reality. So if you are getting married in 2014 you definitely have to see all the dresses and choose your favourite. Of course if you want to try it on select your nearest store and come and visit us!

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