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Jan 31, 2014

Raquel’s dress

Boda Raquel y Alfredo (555)

Each and every story we bring you in “Real brides” excites and moves us. Seeing real, sincere love and our bride’s desire to share a lifetime is something truly special.

The bride featured in today’s blog post is one of our fans. Raquel writes the Dorothy’s red shoes blog. Hers is a wonderful love story. She met her husband in a square when they were still at secondary school, the same square where they got married years later.

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Jan 28, 2014

Tips for looking your best in your wedding pictures


costabravaweddingphotography_0005We met the wedding photographer Gabby from En Route Photography to give us all tips for brides to look perfect on your wedding day.

If you are a bride-to-be you will find yourself in front of the camera very soon. Here, Gabby shares here tips to ensure you will look your best in your wedding pictures.

* Hello Gabby, tell us three tips for brides to be pretty in the wedding photos

First and foremost, the most important is to choose a wedding photographer that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Most likely your photographer will be the person who spends the most time with you on the big day, so it’s super important that you get on well with her/him.  If you feel comfortable, you’ll be more natural, which in turns makes for great images!

One of the key things to feel comfortable with your photographer is to schedule an engagement session prior to the wedding. I know its an extra cost that most people prefer to cut out, but nothing beats having had that experience with your soon to be hubby and your photographer and it pays out big time on the wedding day!

Barcelona Engagement Photography

Photo: En Route Photography 

* Why do you recommend to do a love session before the wedding day? 

This session gives you the opportunity to play around, try things, see what works and simply get more comfy in front of the camera, while you get some amazing, once in a lifetime images that you may even use on your wedding as save the date cards or thank you gifts for your guests! This is my number one tip to get the grooms on board too, who often hate the idea of being photographed! After seeing the pre wedding images they are always always more natural and easy going which makes for… you guessed it right J great images on your wedding.

* Choosing a good photographer is one of the most important thing? What do you recommend to do for taking a right decision?

First: Research, research and research! Ask your friends for recommendations, ask your vendors, the venue, your planner and make some research online as well (wedding blogs are an amazing resource).

Second: Make a short list of photographers whose work you absolutely love and contact them as soon as possible to make sure that they are still available on your date. Some of them likely won’t be, as some popular dates (Fridays and Saturday from May till October) book up more than a year in advance.

Third: Once you have your short list. which you further narrowed down based on availability, meet the photographers to make sure that you get on well. Sometimes a personal meeting is not possible, but in this day and age Skype can be a wonderful second best option.


Photo: En Route Photography 

The smile is the best make up for you. Do you agree with it?

OF COURSE!!! But only if it’s natural! That’s why it’s so important to have a photographer who knows how to get that out of you! ;)

*  Which dresses are the best for the most impressive pictures?

You’ll have the best pictures in the dress that makes you feel the most special! It’s all about how you feel in the dress and how you act in it. It’s super important to find a dress that’s perfectly mirrors your personality and fulfills the dreams you had about your wedding attire. It can be a short sparkly number or a big princess gown, it doesn’t matter what style it s as long as it makes you feel beautiful and fabulous!

Many thanks for your advice Gabby. A pleasure to have you and we hope to see on Atelier Backstage very soon!

Jan 24, 2014

Pronovias is 50 years old

EL SUIZO_Facahada

We are happy. We are commemorating 50 years dressing millions of brides around the world. “50 Years Dressing Dreams” is the concept, paying homage to Pronovias brides around the world for the celebration of this importantant date. We will celebrate it throughout the year with the:


We are publishing a book to showcase the firm’s 50-year history in a social, historic and economic context, integrating the creation and evolution of the brand.  The brand book will contain real testimonials from those who have participated and collaborated with Pronovias during the last 50 years, such as designers, brides, models, ambassadors, employees, etc. Read more

Jan 22, 2014

Sara’s Elie Saab dress



This is the first Elie Saab dress featured in the blog. We are delighted to be able to do this because, as you know, this is the collection of your dreams… The fabrics, the designs, the finishes… these are truly magical dresses.

Sara was absolutely sure that Lorraine style from Elie by Elie Saab 2013 Collection was the dress for her because it had everything she was looking for. With a certain vintage look, it flows, is not at all pompous and has a spectacular, original back. She said it was different from any other wedding dress she had seen in her life. It was shown to her by Neus, “a real professional who looked after me and completely understood my style”, she told us.

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Jan 21, 2014

Getting married in your twenties, thirties and forties

retoc_fotos_desfile_americaThere are as many different types of weddings as there are dreams. There are so many different types of wedding to choose from nowadays, with everything from traditional ceremonies to sophisticated cocktail parties and informal friendly gatherings. That’s why Pronovias has designed an extensive collection of perfect dresses to make every bride’s special dream come true. Read more

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