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Mar 26, 2014

The Cablook & Pronovias

We will start having a new section of the blog with all the bloggers that got married with  a  Pronovias dress. Today we bring you some of the pics that Darya, a fashion blogger from the italian blog The Cablook. We had the chance to assist to her first fitting and to have a chat with her.

She is doubting between Yalim and Yolima styles. We are very excited to see which one she chooses finally. As you know the dress is the best secret that any bride has so we will have to wait until her big day.

wedding dress fitting

Darya, we know you have decided the dress you’ll be wearing. Why did you choose this one?

The story of the idea of my wedding dress started long time ago. For many years I was working as a model. And you can probably imagine how many wedding dresses I have tried and wore for different shootings and catwalks.

And I can say that I was rather tired of a normal understanding of the “wedding dress”. I knew that if I’m gonna get married one day, my dress will be particular. I mean REALLY particular. That’s the reason! The dress that I’ve chosen is the most beautiful and particular dress on the Earth! There is nothing about a traditional wedding dress. It’s about a wedding dress from the fairytale about the oscar’s red carpet.

image015 image016

We are very excited with you. Why did you choose Pronovias?

It’s simple. When I hear the word “wedding”, the first association I have in mind is “Pronovias”.

I’ve seen many brands from affordable to really expensive and I think that I can judge independently. Among all the brands, Pronovias has the best balance between quality and price. And what was very important for me, they are the most creative, they have different collections and styles. It’s impossible not to find the dress of your dreams in Pronovias)


How do you feel after knowing that you will be wearing a Pronovias dress?

Oh… It’s a special feeling, when you find YOUR dress. You can compare it only to falling in love for the first time: you feel butterflies in the stomach and you can’t stop smiling.

How can I feel?  I feel happy.  The happiest girl in the world.

We want to congratulate Darya.We know she will look stunning and we hope to see her wedding pics here on the Real Brides section.

image010image019 image012

Mar 21, 2014

Pastel tones for the perfect bridesmaid

If you’ve been invited to a wedding this summer, you’ll be dressing like this, in pastel tones. This is a truly elegant, safe choice for a really important wedding. These simple, natural colours are the perfect choice for any wedding this season.

The runways are brimming with these shades this season. It’s such a romantic, flattering look, especially if you have a bit of a tan. If not, don’t worry! A little make-up will give you healthy glow and a touch of colour.

All the dresses featured in this post are sure to make you look elegant. What’s more, choosing a pastel colour gives you the option to wear bold accessories and make-up to stunning effect.

Chantilly is combined with other types of lace in dresses that enhance your figure. They’re all long, a fabulous choice for evening weddings, but remember that even if it is a daytime wedding, short dresses are not always allowed by the protocol.


There’s no question that yellow is the star colour this summer. Two styles of daring yellow, with pleats and flounces that give movement to gauze. We love yellow because it is so flattering and gives the face a wonderful glow.

Vestido de invitada boda


Vestido de invitada boda


The Spanish edition of Vogue Brides says that pink is the new white this season. Truth be told, we are seeing powder pink wherever we look and, of course, some of the dresses in the 2014 collection are in this colour. Feminine and delicate in the extreme, it’s a favourite among women who want to feel discretely elegant.

Vestido de invitada boda

Remo Vestido de invitada boda

ReginneVestido de invitada boda


This blue dress is one of your favourites. With ahalter neck it’s one of the best options for an evening weddinng.



For a morning wedding this short dress could be a perfect option. The flower is removable. TAILADE-B


The green tone couldn’t be missing.If the green is your colour you will love this two dresses in green pale.




Which one would you like? They are all great investments because they can be worn again for any occasion.

Remember, the entire collection can be viewed on-line, or why not make an appointment at your nearest store and try on the dress you want?

Mar 18, 2014

City hall wedding dresses

If you are about to get married in a civil ceremony and you are not looking for a princess-style wedding dress, then we have the solution for you. We’ve just launched a new collection designed solely and exclusively for brides like you, who are looking for something other than a conventional wedding dress.

Perhaps this is your second wedding, or perhaps you fancy a less traditional bridal look… something more like a party dress but without sacrificing the colour that will identify you as the bride… white.

As you will see on the website, the City collection, as we have called it, includes both short and long dresses, in all styles and for all types of weddings.



You might be saying “I do” for the second time or having a civil ceremony, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a spectacular dress. It’s an opportunity to try out different fabrics, necklines and shapes that a bride getting married in church might not be able to consider.

Although, generally speaking, dresses for civil ceremonies are simpler, they are just as stylish and elegant because they are still wedding dresses. Make the most of the fact you are not getting married in church to choose something less conservative and to show off an attractive back or bust.

You and your future husband are the stars of the day and you will have the great advantage of being able to choose outfits that suit your style and tastes.You might prefer a short dress. These are all the rage and are only suitable for civil ceremonies. With a little luck, you’ll be able to wear it again!


Taina TAILADE-blanco


Long dresses are always more imposing and reminiscent of traditional brides, who never wear short styles. They are ideal for an evening wedding and may look more like evening dresses or ball gowns. If you don’t like revealing your legs, this is the way to go.


Tanisha TAMARYS-blanco


Although you might not want to wear a veil or have a long train, you can accessorise your look however you like, with shoes and earrings that make you feel comfortable so that you look really radiant on your special day.





If you like the collection and would like to try on any of these dresses, just make an appointment at your nearest Pronovias store. Good luck with your search!

Mar 14, 2014

Jeanna wedding video

You know that we love to say hello to Fridays with a video from our brides. Today we are showing you the one from Louis and Jeanne. She got married months ago with a Ventura dress from the 2013 Collection. We love her as a veiled bride, absolutely gorgeous. We love the wow effect of this dress. The back is absolutely stunning dont you think?

Louis + Jeanna Wedding from Switzerfilm on Vimeo.

If you were getting married you would like an eye-catching semi-sheer and chantilly lace back dress. Here you have two examples and you will find more on the website.

Laila Pronovias


Lagara back less Pronovias Laila

Mar 04, 2014

Patricia’s dress

Patricia contacted us to tell us about her wedding writing to the Contact email address you’ll find here.

She writes a blog and has shared the excitement of her big day with her followers on a number of occasions. We are delighted that she is sharing her photos and reliving some exciting moments of her wedding with us.

She chose Campo Aníbal, in Valencia for her summer wedding in 2012.

Vestido con escote bañera Vestido con escote bañera

She knew exactly what type of dress she wanted right from the start. That’s more than can be said for most brides! She wanted an empire line dress without a heavy skirt so that she would be able to move about easily and comfortably. Above all it had to be simple, yet special.

She didn’t find what she was looking for until her second attempt. She knew the Barcares dress from the 2012 would be the one and she was right.”The sweetheart neckline with its delicate feathers at the top, a romantic waistline, the silky feel and the back .. were perfect for me”, she told us.  In fact everyone said it was “her dress” and that it looked as though it had been designed just for her!

Vestido con escote bañera Vestido con escote bañera

Vestido con escote bañera

She told us that although she hadn’t intended to wear a veil in the beginning, a sentiment shared by many brides, when she tried one on she just couldn’t resist. There’s nothing more bridal than a bride with a veil! We have to say that we just adore brides with veils. In Patricia’s case, the result is spectacular.

Her accessories consisted of some simple Swarovski earrings, a gift from her cousin, and her engagement ring. Also, in honour of the grandmother who she had lost three months before her wedding, she wore two brooches, one to decorate her side plait and another to attach the veil to her hair.

Vestido con escote bañera

Vestido con escote bañera

Look Valencia took care of her hair and makeup. It was a gift from her friends. We just adore a plait as a bridal hairstyle because it gives the ensemble a charming romantic air. Patricia didn’t want to wear her hair down because Valencia is so hot and humid in July, hence this idea. “I would recommend it to any bride!”, she said.

Her makeup was applied using an airbrush technique, which she also recommends because it gives an impeccable finish that lasts for hours and is one of the best options. “My eyes were emphasised with long-lasting eye-liner and a few false eyelashes to complement mine for a very natural look. Flattering pinky-terracotta shades were chosen for cheeks and lips”, she told us.

Vestido con escote bañera

Vestido con escote bañera Vestido con escote bañera

Attitude fotografía

What a spectacular bride she was! Patricia, we wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness.

If you would like to see a dress similar to this one, check out our 2014 Collection!

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