Mar 04, 2014

Patricia’s dress

Patricia contacted us to tell us about her wedding writing to the Contact email address you’ll find here.

She writes a blog and has shared the excitement of her big day with her followers on a number of occasions. We are delighted that she is sharing her photos and reliving some exciting moments of her wedding with us.

She chose Campo Aníbal, in Valencia for her summer wedding in 2012.

Vestido con escote bañera Vestido con escote bañera

She knew exactly what type of dress she wanted right from the start. That’s more than can be said for most brides! She wanted an empire line dress without a heavy skirt so that she would be able to move about easily and comfortably. Above all it had to be simple, yet special.

She didn’t find what she was looking for until her second attempt. She knew the Barcares dress from the 2012 would be the one and she was right.”The sweetheart neckline with its delicate feathers at the top, a romantic waistline, the silky feel and the back .. were perfect for me”, she told us.  In fact everyone said it was “her dress” and that it looked as though it had been designed just for her!

Vestido con escote bañera Vestido con escote bañera

Vestido con escote bañera

She told us that although she hadn’t intended to wear a veil in the beginning, a sentiment shared by many brides, when she tried one on she just couldn’t resist. There’s nothing more bridal than a bride with a veil! We have to say that we just adore brides with veils. In Patricia’s case, the result is spectacular.

Her accessories consisted of some simple Swarovski earrings, a gift from her cousin, and her engagement ring. Also, in honour of the grandmother who she had lost three months before her wedding, she wore two brooches, one to decorate her side plait and another to attach the veil to her hair.

Vestido con escote bañera

Vestido con escote bañera

Look Valencia took care of her hair and makeup. It was a gift from her friends. We just adore a plait as a bridal hairstyle because it gives the ensemble a charming romantic air. Patricia didn’t want to wear her hair down because Valencia is so hot and humid in July, hence this idea. “I would recommend it to any bride!”, she said.

Her makeup was applied using an airbrush technique, which she also recommends because it gives an impeccable finish that lasts for hours and is one of the best options. “My eyes were emphasised with long-lasting eye-liner and a few false eyelashes to complement mine for a very natural look. Flattering pinky-terracotta shades were chosen for cheeks and lips”, she told us.

Vestido con escote bañera

Vestido con escote bañera Vestido con escote bañera

Attitude fotografía

What a spectacular bride she was! Patricia, we wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness.

If you would like to see a dress similar to this one, check out our 2014 Collection!

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