May 05, 2014

“50 love stories” exhibition opening

Leading bridal firm Pronovias officially opened its “50 love stories” exhibition this morning. The exhibition at the Convent dels Àngels de Barcelona has been organised as part of the fashion house’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

History and love of the craft have inspired Pronovias to reveal treasures from its archives for the very first time and to share its very essence with the world. What could be better for doing this than the dresses themselves?

Pronovias 50 love stories exposición Barcelona

-These fifty gowns tell the story 50 years of history through Pronovias and its aesthetics, inspirations, techniques, dreams, trends and moments, as well as the evolution of society and women.

- Each of these Pronovias creations is displayed with its name, year, the dress designer and the owner who has lent it to the exhibition.

The exhibition showcases the great interest Pronovias has in the fashion world and highlights the timeless nature of its personality and style, conceptual evolution and aesthetics over its six decades in existence. The exhibits have been classified into different groups:

-  Historic dresses: Fashion has evolved enormously in terms of style, aesthetics and concepts during the 50-year life of Pronovias. The eruption of prêt-à-porter at the end of the sixties inspired the firm to develop a visionary project which culminated with the creation of Pronovias. This section contains works by designers Pedro Rodríguez and Manuel Mota.

 Pronovias 50 love stories exposición Barcelona

Silhouttes: The Pronovias style displayed through a selection of the silhouettes featured in its collection over the decades. Caftans, halter necks, hourglass and mermaid shapes are created through skilful design, brimming with life, emerging from within the dress, inspiring their movement and structure. These six silhouettes were created from the ever-expanding Pronovias universe.

Couture: Essentialist, fleeing from artifice, they encapsulate a love for pure lines, sculptural shapes and fine fabrics. The dress created as a tribute to Kate Middleton‘s wedding and Susana Gallardo‘s outfit are among those on display in the couture area.

- Shirt dresses: The brainchild of Manuel Mota, this style became a metaphor for the search for new codes which have driven the firm during the 21st century. The “shirt dress”, as it is known in the firm, has been an icon ever since, and is a concept that its designers have continually evolved into sophisticated styles.

Pronovias 50 love stories exposición Barcelona

For her: Women are the great source of inspiration behind Pronovias. The Muse that guides the firm’s creativity, whose beauty it exalts in each and every collection. The spirit of each of these women is reflected in the lines, materials and embroidery, which explain and symbolise them like a second skin. A fascinating tale that the firm has been weaving since 2013 when it launched Atelier Pronovias.

Genoveva Casanova, Bárbara Gómez Acebo, Blanca Cuesta, Alejandra Prat, Astrid Klisans and Charisse Verhaert, among others, have become part of this historic exhibition by lending their wedding dresses.

Stars: Each new dress and every creation is a star that shines with its own light in the Pronovias universe. An exceptional creation born of a magical yet painstaking process which gives full reign to the creativity, savoir faire and love of the craft of fashion.  An adventure that sometimes requires more than 250 hours of expert skill to make just one of these dreams come true.

Pronovias 50 love stories exposición Barcelona

-  Designers: Some of national and international fashion’s most prestigious names, including  Valentino, Emanuel Ungaro, Elie Saab, Badgley Mischka and Hannibal Laguna, among others, have been part of the Pronovias universe since the beginning of the 21st century.

-  The new era: Long white dresses and veils are garments we unconsciously associate with bridal attire. The characteristics became the norm at the end of the 19th century and they are still with us today, although with an infinite number of variations and nuances. Pronovias has seen innovation as the driving force behind experimentation and the search for new formulas ever since it was created.


Dates: from 5 to 10 May.

Times: Monday: from 15h to 20h. Tuesday to Saturday: from 10h to 20h

Location: Convent dels Àngels (Barcelona). Located in the Plaça dels Àngels, it is used as a venue for cultural activities, forming part of the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art).

Free entrance.

Follow our anniversary celebrations at hashtag #Pronovias50 and on our mini-site, where you’ll find extensive, new information.

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