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Sep 25, 2014

Irina’s dress

Irina is one of those brides that you can’t keep your eyes off. As stylish and sexy as can be. She tied the knot at the Snagov Club in Romania just a few months ago. It was a very special wedding with an extremely elegant bride. Don’t miss today’s post if you’re a fan of brides with sensual dresses.


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Sep 24, 2014

A black dress for a wedding guest

By Nuria González, 100 vestidos, LoveHunter

Never wear black to a wedding. Really? We are going to put an end to this fallacy today and give all the wedding guests some ideas for wearing a black dress.

There has always been some controversy about the acceptability of wearing black to a wedding, because black is associated with funerals. However, nowadays we are seeing more and more elegant wedding guests wearing black in magazines and on TV shows. What’s more, a little black dress is a terrific solution to many a style dilemma.

LBD wedding guests - Atelier Backstage

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Sep 23, 2014

How to choose a wedding veil

Rebeca, A Trendy lifestyle, LoveHunter

You’ve searched, you’ve tried them on and you’ve thought long and hard and at last you’ve found the dress of your dreams. The dress you will wear and dazzle in on one of the happiest days of your life. However, of all the accessories in your wedding ensemble, the most important is the veil. That’s why I’d like to give you a few tips to bear in mind when you choose yours so that you don’t make a mistake.

First of all, take a good look at your dress. If it’s romantic and traditional then you can pick a lace and embroidered veil or one with other details to enhance and complement the dress. If, on the other hand, you have chosen a more sophisticated, modern dress or one in a more elaborate fabric, we recommend a plain veil, so that all eyes are on the dress and the veil is just a subtle accessory.

 Long veil - Atelier Backstage

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Sep 18, 2014

A step-by-step journey to creating a wedding dress with the Pronovias “savoir faire”

The new 2015 collection is already arriving in stores all over the world. There are more than 200 dresses there, waiting to make your dreams come true. The design, production and logistics teams have been toiling for months to make sure that is ready on time.

As for us, we’d like to take you behind the scenes for a step-by-step look at how we make our dresses. The expert hands of our highly skilled team work to create our new collections. Each step is designed to make the bride feel unique, from the choice of each design and fabric and the delicate, exclusive hand crafted process… The expertise of Spain’s most highly skilled professionals brings the Pronovias haute couture collection to life. This marvellous example of teamwork and harmony is a pleasure to behold. Wellcome to our Atelier in Barcelona.

Atelier Pronovias - Atelier Backstage

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Sep 16, 2014

The right bouquet for the wedding dress

By Marieta, from the blog Quiero una boda perfecta, LoveHunter.

Peonies, daisies, succulent, paniculata, gerberas, roses, hydrangeas, tulips, ranunculus, lavender, buttercups… There are a thousand and one types of flowers, which makes deciding on your perfect bridal bouquet a difficult task. Once you have selected your flowers you need to choose the shape of your arrangement. Do you want a cascade, an asymmetric design or something really modern? To help you make the right choice, today’s post is a rundown of different types of bridal bouquet and some tips on which look best with each style of dress so you can be confident that you look your absolute best on your wedding day.

In olden times, bridal bouquets were bunches of aromatic herbs which symbolised the couple’s new life together. They were magical items which were thought to have an influence on married life. Later, in 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxony, this type of arrangement was rejected in favour of fresh flowers. Each flower had a meaning and different blooms were used to send secret messages. Over the years, this symbolism has been forgotten and although the bridal bouquet is still an essential finishing touch to the look, it is now there for decorative purposes.

ramo de novia asimétrico

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