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Oct 29, 2014

Wedding trend: two piece gowns

By Nuria Gonzalez, blogger 100 vestidos, LoveHunter

You’re probably getting married soon (Congratulations!!), and you’re surely looking for gowns for this great day. If you’re engaged and you are looking for a different, glamorous, and fashionable dress, you can’t ignore the option of choosing a top and a skirt, and combine it as you wish.

Luckily, Pronovias is hot on the latest trends and takes pride in the elegance that it has pursued over the years. Additionally, it gets into the bride’s shoes and solves the issue of wanting a long gown for the ceremony and a short dress to dance, while it still is “your dress”. The idea is appealing, right?

Misol Pronovias - Atelier Backstage MISOL, 2015 Collection


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Oct 24, 2014

A commitment of love

You know that we love to show you some of the videos of our brides. Today we are showing you a very special one.

She got married  on the 21st of July 2012 in Slovenia on her Alcanar dress. The civil ceremony was on the Kromberk Castle and the religious ceremony was on the Holy Mountain. She says “I have always wanted a princess dress and I imediately fell in love with Pronovias dressesI choose Alcanar. All the details and the lace made me feel like a real stylish princess for a day. I wanted romantic and elegant wedding and I think my dress definitely reflected that”

We love the way she says goodbye “My wedding was filled with emotions and happiness. I will never stopped loving that dress and I will never stopped loving my husband”.

A COMMITMENT OF LOVE from Kleva films on Vimeo.

Oct 21, 2014

Long evening dresses

By Rebeca Labara, A trendy lifestyle, LoveHunter

An invitation to an evening wedding is a perfect excuse to wear a long dress. Opportunities to wear fabulous evening dresses don’t come along every day, so make the most of the dress code at special occasions, weddings (synonymous with ‘party’) and events and get up dressed like a real princess.

Nowadays there are numerous ways to dazzle with a dress like one of these, with an ever-increasing number of choices. I’ve chosen some of my favourite styles with different necklines and shapes. I am sure that you’ll love them so much that you won’t know which one to choose.


You can’t go wrong with this midnight blue dress. This colour is full of strength and energy and if you wear it with gold accessories, your styling will be right on the button.

AINHOA- Pronovias Fiesta - Atelier Backstage


If you have golden skin and lighter hair, I recommend a nude colour. With slightly smoky eyes and neutral lips, you’ll be the perfect guest. Discreet yet refined, these soft colours also transmit warmth and I always consider them “elegant” colours because they are so restrained.

NIMFA- Pronovias Cocktail - Atelier Backstage


However, if you are no shrinking violet and don’t like to go unnoticed, red is the way to go! If I were to choose one of these gowns I would put my hair up and keep accessories to a minimum. The colour makes enough impact on its own and discreet jewellery is by far the best choice.

NICIA - Pronovias Fiesta - Atelier Backstage


I wore Adabela style during the lasts Cosmpolitan Gala in Madrid. Do you like it? It was the perfect dress for this occassion.

Rebeca A trendy Life - Atelier Bacsktage

Green, the colour of hope, is also extremely flattering. It’s original and you can add a pop of colour with your shoes or a clutch to make it even more special.

ALBANO - Pronovias Fiesta - Atelier Bacsktage


ADAMINA- Pronovias Fiesta - Atelier Backstage


As always, putting together a successful outfit means achieving harmony: the right hairdo for the dress and neckline, good make-up and, of course, some well-chosen accessories.

If in doubt, remember that less is more, particularly with fabulous dresses like these, which are sure to look amazing.

Have a wonderful evening!

Oct 17, 2014

Dresses for sexy brides

By Keyla blogger from Tendencias de bodas. LoveHunter.

As Coco Chanel used to say “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman“… Being elegant and sensual at the same time are not mutually exclusive concepts. Quite the contrary. These qualities can be a perfect fit and enhance a bride’s femininity.

Feeling sexy is rather like happiness. It is a state of mind and an attitude. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth learning a few tips for making the most of your charms on your wedding day. To quote the great Coco Chanel again, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. Just a few artful brushstrokes and the right wedding dress will be enough to bring out your sexy bridal side.

Vestidos sexys

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Oct 10, 2014

Pronovias Barcelona flaghip store opening

Wednesday night was party time at Pronovias. It was the official opening of our spacious, new store measuring more than 1,000 square metres. The event was packed with famous faces from Barcelona and other parts of Spain. Verónica Blume, Gala González, Alejandra Prat, Enrique Solís and Tamara Falcó, a great friend of the firm.

The dresses displayed in the windows, decorated with fresh flowers for the occasion, seemed to shimmer like never before. More than 300 guests came along to see the new store, which has been designed in collaboration with prestigious interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. The result is magical to behold, with gold and white combined to create a truly exciting, enchanting ambience.

The new store is now the place to go for brides in the city. The address is 129 Rambla Catalunya, a central location and home to a new shopping experience concept for all brides.


Pronovias Barcelona Flagship Store Gala Gonzalez - Atelier Backstage

Gala González wearing Alza style

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