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Dec 28, 2014



Dec 28, 2014


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Dec 16, 2014

The wedding guests’ dresses that will shine in 2015

By Keyla Diaz G, from Tendencias de Bodas, Lovehunter


Red, raspberry, dusty rose, burgundy, turquoise, bottle green, gray… The wedding guests that will shine in 2015 will irradiate colour and sophistication. Pronovias’ proposals for cocktail and ceremony dresses focus their attention mainly on these two key elements: colour and sophistication, both during the day and at night.

Simple lines and cuts, fitted silhouettes and évasé skirts mark the style of the Pronovias 2015 cocktail collection, with sempiternal patterns that grant the protagonism to colour and the richness of the fabrics, occasionally and subtly combined with lace and gemstone embroideries.

The trends include the jumpsuits, ideal for guests wanting to combine elegance and comfort in a same look, like the NELIA and NISELA models

NISELA-Bthe separates (two pieces: top + skirt) combining two colours for a modern look with a subtle innocence, like the NAGRID, NAIA and NAPEA models

NAGRID-Bor the jewel dresses, totally covered with gemstones for a younger and sensual look, with the NEIMO and NEA models.

The veiled effect with the layering of delicate silk tulle, present in the Pronovias bridal dress trends, takes hold of the cocktail designs, resulting in wonderful veiled necklines adorned with gemstone appliqués (such as the NAGUAL and NATALINA models), sheer sleeves that play with visual delicacy (in the NAIMA and NATASHA models), or creating this precious “double” effect of the NELA dress.

ALBANO-BAlthough by etiquette or habit, black is a colour that we usually don’t see for wedding guests in certain countries, it’s true that this colour is always tempting us. This “basic” colour provides elegance and attitude that some women feel very comfortable in. Indeed, the Pronovias collections always include a model in black that makes us sigh and push us to skip any rules of etiquette.

NELA-BA touch of colour, simple lines providing sophistication and richness in the fabrics and/or details that are the keys which will make you look like the perfect bridal guest and shine at any party.

Have you decided on your dress? Be inspired and shine with your own light!

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Dec 15, 2014

Pronovias loves bloggers presents the Pronovias book

The presentation of the book 50 years dressing dreams has been one of the crowning moments of 2014 for Pronovias. Months of work and dedication to serve as a testimony to Pronovias’enthusiasm to dressing the dreams of brides all over the world. Taking readers on a journey through 50 years of history in the bridal sector and framed in a social, historical and economic context, the book encompasses the creation and evolution of the brand.  It was worthy of a fantastic celebration organised by Pronovias. This was the second Pronovias Loves Bloggers event, which was attended by some of Spain’s leading bridal and wedding bloggers.



Gabriela Palatchi kicked off the event, looking at the beginnings of Pronovias since before it came into being in the early 20th century. That was when her grandfather, Alberto Palatchi Bienviste, arrived in Barcelona from Turkey after the start of the First World War and founded El Suizo, a shop specialising in fabrics and materials for making wedding dresses. El Suizo was soon a national leader and would become the foundation of today’s Pronovias.


After her exciting story, we were able to share in the bridal fashion and historical expertise of Charo Mora, the author of the book 50 years dressing dreams, who explained the secrets of the book in a fascinating talk. Listening to her was an opportunity to allow our imaginations to fly back through the history and geography of weddings and the dresses worn by the world’s most iconic brides.




We had the opportunity to interview her and know a lot of secrets of the book. The result will soon be published in Atelier Backstage exclusively for you.

Our celebration would not have been the same without a fabulous sweet corner. Chocolates, macaroons, cupcakes, biscuits and personalised candies looked fantastic in the photos and were extremely popular with the bloggers. We have to confess that as well as looking sumptuous, the Sweetinabox treats tasted amazing.







Reencounters and anecdotes mixed with toasts, laughter and a lot of excitement. They were also eager to get home and dive into the book.





Pronovias wants to share the book with everyone who wants to read it and has created a digital edition of 50 years dressing dreams. You can download it to any computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s perfect for downloading to your tablet and spending a weekend enjoying the images and texts.



By creating this book, which embodies the essence, spirit and history of the firm, PRONOVIAS is paying homage to all the brides in the world. For those who have been brides, those who will be and those who dream of being a bride some day. Enjoy reading it!

Dec 04, 2014

Red dresses for a wedding guest

By Rebeca from A Trendy Life, LoveHunter


If you’re invited to a wedding and you’re thinking about dressing in red… You’re in luck! It’s one of the colour trends for 2014, and a red dress is sure to draw attention.

Reds are ideal if you don’t want to be unnoticed, since this colour provides strength, elegance and sophistication. It’s also a colour that makes you feel confident, we should be aware that we will know how to wear such a powerful and intense colour as it deserves.


Preferably, I would wear it at night, a long dress in this colour is very impressive and we can play with very special accessories and jewels.


My favourite dress, because it is groundbreaking and it looks very elegant and beautiful, is the Adabela model


The neckline is especially flattering and its cape makes it a spectacular dress.


Another very spectacular dress is the Netania model, with a sweetheart neckline and a train, this dress is very flattering and provides a touch of sensuality.



If you want to impress everyone, Nara is your dress. It’s worthy of a red carpet, you will stand out with this dress. Simple yet spectacular, with this long gown you will shine with your own light.



Another very flattering V-neck dress is the Nicia model.





If you love strapless dresses, Nioko is perfect for you, it is beautiful and the shape is very slimming.



A jumpsuit is always a good choice: they look spectacular and they are also very comfortable, the Nelia model looks fantastic with an updo. In addition to calling attention, your look will be very special since you’ve chosen a jumpsuit.



For more discreet and less daring options, you can always choose a dress in two colours like the Naia model. Its dusty rose bodice with a gold belt combines perfectly with the red skirt.



There are many options available for different tastes and personalities, although, you will have to pick the right dress and the perfect accessories in addition to feeling comfortable. If you like silver, you can combine this with these models, although I would choose gold as the perfect option. As for the jewels, I would take some risks with some green that, combined with red, will always provide a very daring and elegant touch.

Have you decided on your red dress? Be inspired and shine with your own light!

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