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Feb 24, 2015

The Vespa bride

Cristina and Jordi were wed last summer on a beautiful estate in Lleida, in Catalonia, Spain.


Their love story is that of a boy and a girl who met, lost touch and who, on a magical summer night, reconnected and never let go again. With very different appearances but very similar at heart, Cristina and Jordi make an incredible couple.  “He is really adventurous and into sports. He’s always in a good mood and his motto is: The best thing about the plan is that there isn’t a plan. I’m an urbanite, I adore shopping and fashion and I often get stressed out. But the best thing is that we are so different. He makes me feel more alive than ever, even in hiking boots!”, Cristina told us.

When Jordi proposed to Cristina she went to the Pronovias store in Barcelona to find a dress that would highlight her personality. “I wanted a dress that would allow me to feel like myself, a reflection of the way I am and feel”.

She tried on several before she finally chose the Diciembre dress from the Pronovias Fashion 2014 collection, which Cristina personalised by changing the strapless neckline for a sweetheart neckline. “I like everything about my dress, particularly the shape of the back and the gorgeous train.”


Cristina wanted to wear two looks without having to change her dress. She did this by combining the dress with two headdresses, one for the ceremony and a more festive one for the celebration. A great way of having two different outfits without changing the dress. For the ceremony she picked a net by Pronovias, which added a chic, vintage touch. For the celebration she wore a headband with flowers, also by Pronovias, a lovely choice for a summer wedding in a countryside setting.

The most important piece of jewellery was her engagement ring, a Tiffany set solitaire. She wore Klein blue sandals by Lola Cruz.

cristina i jordi0356mc

Her hair and makeup was entrusted to the skills of her usual stylist, María from “Raffel Pagés” in Lleida. “There was no doubt that it had to be her to do this important job, because she has known me all my life and knows exactly what I like and what makes me feel comfortable.”

cristina i jordi1431mc




We love how she emphasised her vintage look with red lipstick and nail polish, which matched the couple’s 1965 red Vespa. A truly adorable pop detail. “I knew I wanted to keep my personal style and reject the idea that a bride always has to look extremely discreet. I think it’s more important to be true to yourself”.

Both the ceremony and the party were held at the “Els Comdals” estate in Cervera, in Lérida (Catalonia, Spain), which was lovingly decorated with lights and handmade details by Cal Blay.






The pictures of this beautiful wedding were taken by  Mónica Carrera.

Do you like Cristina’s look? As you know, you can make an appointment at your nearest store. Why not get some more inspiration from posts about other real brides like Darya,Poppy and Pat?


Feb 19, 2015

Princess wedding dress. Dresses with volume

By Marieta, from the blog Quiero una boda perfecta


Barcaza Style


Basira Style

Little girls dream that a handsome prince is going to rescue them and sweep them off into the sunset to live happily ever after.  When we imagine our weddings, we inevitably see ourselves walking down the aisle in a princess dress with a wide skirt, looking absolutely enchanting. Well, I don’t know much about disappearing into the sunset, but I do know that these wedding dresses are totally captivating. If you’ve always wanted to say “I do” dressed like a princess then your wish has come true! You are sure to find your fairy-tale dress among the designs in the Pronovias 2015 collection.


Cesira Style



Bohemio Style


Casares Style

Princess dresses have close-fitting bodies which are tailored at the waist and usually have a “V” at the front. Of course, they have extremely wide skirts, giving these gowns their magical, fairy-tale look. A princess dress is a marvellous choice for a romantic bride who has chosen to have the wedding of her dreams with a classic touch. That’s what makes them some of the most popular and sought-after designs among brides.


Casey Style


Celandia Style

As we have said so often in the past, not all dresses look right on all women. It is important to understand which figure types are flattered by a voluminous princess dress with a wide skirt.

  • This style of dress is ideal for brides with small waists, narrow shoulders and wide hips, who want disguise their hips a little. These styles achieve this by slimming the torso and drawing the eye to the skirt.
  • Tall brides are also in luck, because these dresses slim the waist. If you are tall you may find a wide skirt that fans out from the hip extremely flattering.
  • The princess option is also lovely for shorter brides. If you are petite then go for a dress with a skirt which is tailored at the waist to give the illusion of more height
  • If you’re a pear shape, in other words if you have wide hips and large thighs, your best strategy is to draw attention to your upper body and add volume below the hip for a balanced effect.

As you can see, many women look stunning in princess dresses with wide skirts because they suit the majority of figure types. It is a classic, timeless style, which is also very comfortable, because it is fitted at the bust and the waist and hips. It is also easy to move in, even though it may not appear to be so. A princess dress enhances the bust, slims the waist and disguises the hips.


Cesira Style


Madeleine Style

Will you be a princess bride? We would love to see your dress. Why not connect with us on the Pronovias social networks and share your own bridal look with us.



Feb 12, 2015

Localtions and dresses for winter weddings

By Amma Adjubi-Archibald, from Beyond/Beyond blog, Lovehunter


It’s all about location, location and a bit more location as I pick my favourite places for your winter wedding and in an extra added bonus I’m also picking my favourite Pronovias pieces to make sure that you are perfectly dressed for the occasion.


1. The beach wedding: Lux* Le Morne, Mauritius



My pick for a fabulous beach wedding would have to be Lux* Le Morne, Mauritius.  With a startling blue and aqua sea that rivals the sky this picturesque location is to die for.  With incredible sunsets, and fabulous beaches, Lux* Le Morne is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.  So, although it might be cold outside for some – lovelies, enjoy the warmth and gorgeous sunsets.  Throw in the Black River Gorges National Park, and the chance to swim with Dolphins in the Indian Ocean for and you have the perfect wedding and honeymoon location.

What to wear

My choice for the bride who wants to be barefoot on the beach would have to be Merlina style; this gorgeous two piece effect bridal outfit is the perfect way to look cool and keep cool – a great choice for a laid back beach wedding.




2. The City Wedding:  Cherry Hill Central Park, New York


Be a part of it New York – New York! It is the city of cities and the place where everything amazing happens.  Now, I know that New York might make for a cold winter but it makes for a cool wedding location.  Imagine riding through Central Park in a famous horse and buggy, and getting to say ‘I do’ in a stunning location where urban meets nature – for a city that is a melting pot, it is the perfect place to get hitched.

What to wear

My choice is perfect blend of practicality and beauty;  it is a shirt dress combination which is feminine with a slight hint of masculine energy, Carmit style.  With a dramatic full skirt the counterpoint is the delicate lace and gauze shirt, and as it is pretty cold in the winter you get to be pretty in the cold.  Of course sleeves hide winter goose bumps!

Style: "Neutral"

Style: "Neutral"


3. The Desert Wedding:  The Neon Museum, Las Vegas


I have to admit give me the choice between cold or heat and I’ll head for the heat ,  and this time I’m taking you to the desert to a super cool location and that is the Neon Museum, Las Vegas.  Getting married in the sin city is a wedding classic and might be the choice for those who wish to elope; with a myriad of crazy activities this is a super fun place to celebrate married life.  The Neon Museum, overflowing with old casino signs is jaw dropping and the perfect place to take pictures that will be as iconic as your dress.

What to wear

Short, flirty and pretty Messina style is my idea of the best gown to go gadding around in the Neon Museum.  Be warned it does get a little bit cold in Las Vegas come the winter months!  But, you never know the wedding gods may smile on you and give you some sunshine to keep you warm on your wedding day.




4. The Winter Wedding: Kakslauttanen


Located in the wilderness near Finland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park, Hotel Kakslauttanen near the Arctic Circle offers the best views of the Northern Lights.  It is also an amazing and unique wedding location that has an incredible chapel built of snow!  Is a snow Chapel bit too cold for your tastes?  Well, there is also a log chapel of Tieva in the deep forest if you prefer.

You can continue the magic after the wedding for couples who want to create a once in a lifetime experience you could stay in their iconic glass igloos and log cabins which offer an amazing honeymoon experience. Each glass igloo is fitted with thermal glass walls and ceilings. Although Kakslauttanen does not promise views of the Aurora Borealis, the glass ceiling is specially designed to provide crystal clear panoramic views.

Listen out for the bell signalling to look up at the sky to see this incredible natural phenomenon. The hotel also includes the world’s largest smoke sauna, has its own restaurant, ice bar and snow chapel that is created each winter.

What to wear

This location really needs you to find your inner Elsa so you can re-enact Frozen and be a wedding snow queen.  My choice for your wedding dress is Celandia style, a gorgeous princess style wedding gown with lace bodice and sleeves.

Style: "Neutral"

Style: "Neutral"

Which type of wedding do you like? Remember, you can request an appointment at your nearest store.

Feb 10, 2015

Dreams come true: The Cablook dress

This is a two-countries love story between Darya Kamalova, The Cablook (a successful Russian blogger and influencer) and Federico, an Italian architect. A really cute couple who born and grew up with different cultures and met and fall in love in Milan.I met Federico in Milan after finished a Master in interior design in IED. I started to work in interior design studio. And this was a decision of my life let’s say. Federico was working as an architect there. If I didn’t choose this studio for my work, we’d never meet…” explained Darya herself.

2 years later he proposed on Russia and they decided to get married in Verona, Italy, the city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. “Two cultures together. People who didn’t know each other’s language – they all talked and all them were united by a common joy, the joy of our decision to become husband and wife.” told the bride.



Darya’s dress just fitted her perfectly and highlights her beauty and style. It was Yalim style, from Atelier Pronovias 2014, a stunning gold lace wedding dress covered with tulle, pearls and gold gemstone embroidery. Darya described it as a dream come true “this dress is perfection. It seems that someone very powerful have found a way to have an access to my dreams and designed this dress especially for me. I’d change nothing in it. It is ideal in every millimeter, in every sew, in every texture. When I saw it the first time on the presentation of the bridal collection of Pronovias 2014, I didn’t have any doubts from the 1st second: that’s my dress!” Her favorite: the tail “I always dreamed about the looong long tail and I got it. and also this “second skin effect” on the back of the dress is fantastic”






As Yalim dress is a gem in itself Darya didn’t add much more on her look.  “I had a simple long veil from Pronovias because I think that there is something mysterious in the moment when the bride walks with her dad to the altair. I was also wearing a crown from Pronovias that was just a perfect combination with my dress”






The shoes she wore were beautiful gold Jimmy Choo beautiful high heel sandals.




We love Darya’s make up style, with light smoky eyes and intense red lips that she herself did. “cause I’m sure that none knows better than me how to work with my own face. I used a long lasting lip gloss that doesn’t leave color when you kiss your husband.”




She wanted the bouquet as simple as possible, “because the most bright and important part of my look was the dress and I didn’t want to overload the image”



Darya and Federico got married in a very romantic and wonderful  villa in Verona. We love this Pronovias bride and the love and happiness and love that they transmit together. “I’ll remember that day for all my life, and I’m sure that even after 20 years, I won’t say I would change something because it couldn’t be better than it was. This is my dream, it’s our fairy tale, which lasts for years and will last forever.”




The complicity between the couple is more than clear. We love their couple session full of smiles and knowing glances.






The pictures are from Frant & Fifa photography.

¿Do you like Darya’s dress? As you know, you can make an appointment at your nearest store. Good luck with your search! Get some inspiration from other brides like Poppy, Pat or Bianca.

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