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Mar 30, 2015

Marta’s dress

We fell in love with Marta’s bridal look and her wedding styling. This time the bride is telling us the story in her own words.

Edu is from Barcelona and I’m from Madrid. We met halfway between both cities, in Zaragoza, 12 years ago. We had a long distance relationship for years and did a lot of flying back and forth. Then, after living together for several years, we decided to get married.


Because we live in Madrid, we thought it would nice to get married in Barcelona… and so we did. Everything was very special and full of meaning but of course, organising a wedding at a distance is a tricky task. Luckily we had plenty of help from my friend Violeta at Wednesday Wedding Planners, who organised and coordinated the entire wedding.

We got married in a Romanesque church in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, which is very close to Barcelona and is the town where Edu was born and lived until the day he moved to Madrid. The party was at Masía Ribas, a typical Catalan mansion dating back to 1779 which still has all its original charm… it was like a little journey back in time!


I have to admit that I fell in love with Masia Ribas at first sight.

Not only did I fall in love at first sight with my husband and the mansion, but also with my dress. The first stop was Pronovias. I took along nine or ten printed photographs of the dresses which I wanted to try on. One of them was Ores. I tried it on halfway through the session and I really didn’t want to take it off. Then I went to one or two other stores, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. That’s when I decided to stop searching and to go back to Pronovias to get it.


My issue with most of the dresses was that, although they looked nice on me, I felt as though I was wearing a fancy dress… The first time I first tried my dress the woman I saw in the mirror was me… dressed as a bride.

Vanessa, one of my best friends, had been telling me I should wear an Empire wedding dress for years, “I can see you getting married in something like this”… and I had said absolutely no way, because I wanted something fitted to the waist. However, the day I went to Pronovias and tried on Ores I had to admit that my friend knew me very well.


I wore it with a veil made of the same tulle as the skirt of the dress, also by Pronovias, over a headdress made of tulle and white fabric flowers designed for me by Agnes Sunyer and which looked stunning against my dark hair when I removed the veil after the ceremony. Agnes and her team took care of the hair and make-up not only for me but also for my mother, my sister and my only first cousin (who is like another sister to me). I wanted to look natural, so I chose to wear my hair down in big waves and over one of my shoulders.

The only jewellery I wore was my wedding ring: the Oui style by Dior in white gold, some diamond earrings given to me by my school friends and some champagne coloured Jimmy Choo sandals which were a gift from my sister.

I carried a bouquet in powder and pink shades with a touch of purple prepared by Baobab.


Air travel was an everyday occurrence during our long-distance relationship, which is why we decided to use this as a symbol at our wedding. Borboleta Produccions did all the printing for the wedding. They quickly realised what we wanted and designed the wedding invitations and everything else we needed. They also did the wedding video.


One of the big moments of the day happened when I was walking into the church for the ceremony and a guest stepped on my veil in the middle of the aisle and I almost fell over. The church was quite small and intimate, so the general OOOH and giggling afterwards were captured in stereo.

The cocktail party and dinner were served by Le Chef catering and were a great success with all the guests.

The finishing touch was when the guests went home between trees bedecked with lights by Masia Ribas with some energy bags to give them a boost for the homeward journey, containing some juice, a muffin and a chocolate bar.

All the photos of the wedding day were taken by Padilla & Rigau, who made us feel at home throughout and who got some very natural photos.


Do you like Marta’s dress? Remember, you can request an appointment at your nearest store. The best of luck with your search! Why not get some inspiration from other brides like Darya, Poppy or Pat?

Mar 27, 2015

Wedding guest evening dresses. A dress for a night wedding

By Juliet Polilova, from the blog Russian Doll, LoveHunter.

Are you invited to a wedding that starts in the evening? Congratulations! You are very lucky as you have a unique opportunity to dress up in your most splendid dress without thinking that it is too much and ‘shine bright like a diamond’ all night long! So let’s move to the funniest part – choosing a dress!

First of all, I would recommend you to have a look at the dresses with all kinds of embellishments and embroideries: sequins, crystals, metallic threads, beads, pearls etc. Everything that will glitter and sparkle making you a real queen of the night counts as events like that don’t happen every week! Knee-length Pronovias cocktail embellished dresses would be right to the point here. Have a look at Amor and Alysa models and wear them with simple but elegant high heels and color matching clutch!


Black color for the wedding guest evening dress? Why not? The atmosphere of a magical night allows you to play with visual effects and details. For example, show your beautiful legs not by wearing short dresses but by wearing dresses with high-cut slit or sheered details that are very trendy this season. With such graceful and sexy dresses like Nina and Nela your look wont be unnoticed even though they are black as you can play with accessories and make an accent on your makeup and hair.


Picture 2

Another option might be a two-piece dress that makes your body look more slim and feminine due to the horizontal line that fix your waist and color-blocking design. Napea dress with a cream and fuchsia mix, straight across top and ball gown type skirt will turn you into a real princess – a perfect choice for a warm summer night, dont you think? Go for a black silk full length skirt and light peach top with embroidery of Nagrid dress for a fall-winter season. 


Picture 3

Wait, who said it must be a dress? Thanks to the last designers collections playsuits may look same elegant, chic and stylish as evening dresses! Just one advice here: let it be the full length model with loose bottom as wide pants are must-have for this season. Nelia and Nisela  models are made just for you to look your most beautiful and very unique. Add some jewelry like statement necklace or long earrings, natural make up and you are ready to hit the night! 

Pero espera, ¿quién dijo que tienes que llevar un vestido? ¡Gracias a las últimas colecciones de los diseñadores, los monos pueden ser tan elegantes, chic y modernos como un vestido de noche! Solo un pequeño consejo: elige un modelo largo con la parte de abajo suelta, como unos pantalones anchos. Son todo un “must” de esta temporada. Los modelos Nelia y Nisela son perfectos para que estés preciosa y tengas un look muy exclusivo. ¡Añade algo de joyería, como un gran collar o unos pendientes largos, combínalo con un maquillaje natural y estarás lista para quemar la noche!

Picture 4


By Juliet Polilova, from the blog Russian Doll, LoveHunter.

Mar 25, 2015

Chiara Ferragni brand ambassador for Pronovias

Pronovias has recruited Chiara Ferragni as its brand ambassador. Style icon Chiara Ferragni will be the first PRONOVIAS ‘It Bride’. She will share her style tips by creating total looks with designs from the Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection to inspire brides all over the world. Ferragni will create different looks combining dresses of the new Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection with a selection of accessories (jackets, jewellery, clutches, headdresses and shoes) that will complete the TOTAL LOOK with the objective that every bride can find her personal IT BRIDE style.


The star fabric of the Atelier Pronovias 2016 collection is the crepe fabric that envelops the body like a second skin, delicately tracing the lines of the female figure. Chiara Ferragni is one of the most widely followed and influential ‘It Girls’ and fashion bloggers in the world. She has the honour of being the only blogger to have landed a spot on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list. Ferragni has 3.4 million Instagram followers and is a sought-after spokesperson for leading international fashion firms.

Pronovias Fashion Group continues to consolidate its position as a global leader of the bridal sector year after year. It started out as a family business in Barcelona in 1922 and is now the world’s leader in bridal gowns, present in more than 105 countries with 155 stores and more than 4,000 sales points.

#PronoviasStyledByChiara #PronoviasGetTheStyle

Mar 21, 2015

Andrea’s dress

Luis and Andrea’s story started like the plot of a movie set in the early 21st century.  The scene is set. A girl is sitting in front of her computer. She starts chatting on the Internet. General shot. Boy meets girl for the first time on 19 April 2002. Twelve years later, on 19 April 2014, Andrea and Luis celebrate the 12th anniversary of the day they met by exchanging their wedding vows. “I still remember Luis coming to meet me at the school gate and spending the afternoon together walking. The years have gone by but we are still as much in love as we were on the first day.” Andrea explains.

Andrea y Luis_492

Andrea is a fashion blogger at Distinct by Andrea and, of course, she used her personality and good taste to put her bridal ensemble together.

The dress she chose was Ubago from the Pronovias 2013 collection, a princess dress with clean, elegant lines.

_C4A2543 _C4A2542 _C4A2550

We love the angora cardigan she wore to cover her arms, a vintage detail she had treasured since she was a child. “My grandmother made it for me and I wore it for my first communion. It is something I have kept with great affection. It still fits and, although the sleeves are a little shorter now, the 3/4 look was perfect”.

Another special detail that revealed Andrea’s personal style were her shoes, some tinted silk ballerina pumps with crystal embellished buckles and leather soles. The flat version of elegance. “I am rather tall and I wanted to be comfortable all day without having to change my shoes, so I picked the Chips style by Roger Vivier in pink.


Her jewellery consisted of some small white gold and diamond hoop earrings by Be a Princess.  She wore three small floral clips in her hair as a headdress.

For her hair and make-up, Andrea chose Jaume Soler from BO Barcelona for her hair and Ángela Cunill for her makeup. I wanted to wear my hair up to show off the lovely back of the dress and it had to be something sweet and relaxed. I chose a casual waved hairstyle topped with flowers. Neither did I want my makeup to look over the top. It had to be subtle and discreet so I let Ángela be my guide and the results were superb.

Andrea y Luis_094

The extraordinary, talented team at Flowers by Bornay created her bridal bouquet. A perfect choice to add some colour and a sweet touch to her outfit. “I wanted an original bouquet, something that would attract people’s attention and would not just become an extension of the dress.” Flowers by Bornay transformed my order into a marvellous bouquet with different spray-painted flowers. “They go beyond creating bridal bouquets by using flowers, synthetic materials and spray paint, the result of which is a personal, recognisable style, full of energy and delicacy.

Andrea y Luis_377 Andrea y Luis_255 Andrea y Luis_137

Both the ceremony and the party took place at the Finca Mas Llombart, in Barcelona province.

Andrea y Luis_110 Andrea y Luis_300 Andrea y Luis_098 Andrea y Luis_099


Photos by: Norma Grau

Do you like Andrea’s dress? If you are like Andrea and prefer simple lines and wide skirts, take a look at the dresses in the Costura 2015 collection such as Barcaza, Balder and Ontario. If you would like to try them on, as you know you can request an appointment at your nearest store.

Mar 18, 2015

In science there are laws

By Amma Adjubi-Archibald from the blog, lovehunter


In the universe there are things that we observe as laws, the law of gravity, Hubble’s law of cosmic expansion and the list goes on.  However, in the wedding universe there are some laws that apply to the wedding dress.  I’m tempted to say that number one on that list should be that you have a gown from Pronovias, but since you are on this site I’m going to take that as a given.

As you are getting a gorgeous gown from Pronovias,  I have ten dress laws that will help you in making your decision.


Law 1

Don’t be trendy

There are some things in my wardrobe that make laugh-cry to the edge of dehydration, I then shake my head, forgive myself and put them away.  These comedy items tend to be ‘trendy’; I call them the wardrobe scarecrows that I pull out any time I tempted to jump on a style bandwagon.  This is super important law to remember when you are getting your dress.

You like your dress are a timeless classic; don’t feel you have to have certain dress style because everyone else is doing it. The day is about being the best version of you possible, so don’t feel obliged to follow the crowd.  Be uniquely beautifully you!


Law 2

Let you face be naked as the day you were born

I like make up, it is my favourite liar it can tell the world that I have had 8 hours sleep, that I don’t have pimples and I have naturally rosy cheeks.  However, on the things that make me go ‘yuck’ list are dresses smeared with makeup.  If you want to make the boutique fall in love with you make sure that you are makeup free.  You can contour your face as much as you like for the big day, but for dress shopping bare faced is best.


Law 3

Have a dress circle

In the theatre, the dress circle is the exclusive section where you get the best view and it is restricted access.  You have the right to have a dress circle too.  A specially selected circle of women who get exclusive access to your fittings – may your circle be supportive, fun, and honest.  Small is better as you won’t have too many voices and contradicting opinions. This is one area where size matters, oh and once again – the boutique will love you!


Law 4

Care about the underwear!

I don’t believe in sit ups – I believe in spanx! If you worship at the altar of control wear then it is a good idea to make sure that the underwear you are planning to use for the wedding is what you wear when you are trying dresses.  It will help with the fitting and it will also give you an accurate idea of whether you need alterations or even new underwear.



Take a selfish selfie!

Selfies are having a bad PR moment they are associated with narcissism, Kim Kardashian and ego tripping.  However, in a digital age (providing you have got permission first) taking a dress selfie is an excellent idea as you have a digital record of what the dress will look like and if you want some second opinions outside of your dress circle you will have some photographs to share.


Law 6

Keep something for alterations

You may have budgeted for the dress, but make sure that you budget for alterations.  Feel free to ask questions so that you can factor it into your outlay for the dress.



Law 7

Be a weekday wonder
The weekends are for lie ins and brunches, for dress fittings not so much.  If you can arrange it – arrange dress appointments for the weekdays they are quieter and you’ll feel less pressured.  More time to browse – and of course if you really can’t do the weekdays, aim to be the early bird that catches the dress and try and get the early appointments on the weekend.



Law 8

Time and Place

There is a time and a place for everything, so think about temperature and location when it comes to the dress.  There is no point picking a heavy dress for a beach wedding, and you don’t want your Goosebumps making a special guest appearance in the shots for your winter wedding. Dress for the occasion of course, but don’t forget comfort – it’s not just about beauty, think about practicality.


Law 9

There is no lucky number

 You might be that person who finds the first dress and that is it, or for you it may be 19th time lucky.  You don’t have to pick the first thing that you see but you don’t need to beat yourself up because you finally stopped at dress number 29.  Try on as many dresses as you need – my advice you’ll know when you’ve tried too many when they begin to look the same.


Law 10

Whatever you wear you’ll be beautiful

Don’t let the dress obsession take over the entire wedding.  It’s one thing and not the entire thing; remember that.


By Amma Adjubi-Archibald from the blog, lovehunter

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