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Jun 25, 2015

Miriam’s dress

Christian first saw Miriam in a flight to Mallorca in 2005, but he was too shy to walk up and talk to her. Later that day Christian and his friend met Miriam and her mother again in the historic city centre of Palma. Again he was too shy to talk to her. A few hours later all of them individually decided to get something to eat and by chance Christian and his friend just sat a few tables apart from Miriam. As Miriam and her mother were about to leave Christian decided that the third time is a charm he plucked up his courage with the help of huge gulp of wine and walked over to her in order to give her his business card and ask her out for a dinner back in Hamburg. Miriam was still in a relationship at that point so she was not quite sure what to do with his business card. But mothers are always a great source of advice, so the card was slipped into one of the side pockets of Miriam’s handbag… for five months.


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Jun 17, 2015

Chiara Ferragni unveils her first total bridal look for Pronovias

A trendy, modern bride in a denim jacket with white stilettos and glittering jewellery. We didn’t create the look… Chiara Ferragni did! The Pronovias ‘It’-bride and digital ambassador modelled the white dress for our photographers wearing her top bridal outfits.

Chiara Ferragni for Pronovias

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Jun 09, 2015

Long cocktail dresses for more than one occassion

By Núria González, from the blog 100 vestidos, Lovehunter

Many times we struggle with buying a high-quality cocktail dress because this “investment” will only last a day. Obviously, there are occasions in which we buy dresses for special events that we use just once, for example, the matron of honour dress, our wedding dress, our dress for our best friend’s wedding… (You know the type of situations). But, for other occasions, I would recommend buying flattering dresses that we love and can use more than once. Today I’m writing this post with pictures of our looks to prove how a cocktail dress that we bought for a wedding can be used for an elegant dinner party.

These images are the best example of what I’m telling you. These pictures were not taken at a wedding, or a red-carpet event, they were taken at a special dinner party held at the Asia Gardens Hotel in Alicante, and my friend and I wanted to look perfect. With these dresses we could go to a wedding and be the perfect guests, but we wanted to go a step further and give them another chance to shine. The hairdo plays an important role in changing the style of our dress for different settings, in my case, I decided to wear my hair down, with natural waves, and Judith wore a very young looking ponytail.

Pronovias Long dresses

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Jun 05, 2015

How to get your make up right for you wedding day

By Rebeca Labara, from the blog A Trendy Life, Lovehunter

Wedding days are amazing. The fun starts early and you’ll be in great company from the early morning, through the afternoon and then at the party, late into the night. You have hours and hours of celebration ahead of you full of smiles and joyful tears. That’s why your make up needs to be just right to last through a really exciting roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Make Up Bride

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