Jan 14, 2016

Headpieces for Brides

By  Keyla Díaz G., from Tendencias de bodas, LoveHunter

An increasing number of brides are choosing to wear a headdress as a complement to their bridal look, and not only to wear it on its own but also to match their veil. If you are in this situation and are busy looking for that special hair accessory that is just perfect for you, take note of the options and tips about the headpieces for brides we have to offer to help you to find your ideal piece.

Tiaras, combs, headbands and headdresses in the shape of flowers, leaves, dragonflies… Carved in silver, shiny gemstones or mother-of-pearl. These are some of the key pieces in the Pronovias headdress and hair accessories collection, to adorn the bride’s hair stylishly and combine to perfection with the white or nude of Pronovias wedding dresses (although they are also an ideal choice for guests to give a chic touch to their wedding styling).

Headpieces for brides Pronovias

Jewelled headbands with plant appliqué, in the form of vintage-inspired flowers and leaves, are one of the more sophisticated and elegant trends, perfect for romantic brides. In fact, at the recent recent Pronovias Fashion Show at New York Bridal Week we were able to view these accessories, and I absolutely love them. At this show, Pronovias offered looks with simple tousled hairstyles (right on trend!) adorned with its organic combs and headbands. A good choice for brides who are looking for a truly natural style.

If you’re a traditional bride, you won’t be able to resist being crowned princess with the Pronovias tiaras and headbands collection, with delicate tracery (in aged silver and gemstones) and art deco style. Ideal for holding the veil in place and complementing your dream dress.  

Headpieces for brides Pronovias

For naïf brides, hairclips and pins are the perfect choice of hair accessory. They are more discreet and exquisitely delicate, although at the fashion show to present the 2016 Atelier Pronovias collection we saw these tiny accessories combined with combs and headbands in aged silver to create a divine cosmopolitan bridal look. On this occasion Pronovias offered a much more elaborate bridal hairstyle with a marvellous impeccable up-do and contrasting plaits. Could this be any more ideal for your wedding? Inspiration with a capital I!

Headpieces for brides Pronovias


So, for your wedding day and one of the most special style occasions of your life, let flowers, leaves, dragon flies and butterflies sprout and flit through your hair in the form of headbands, tiaras, headdresses, combs and discreet hair pins, which you will find in your Pronovias shop, and which will become the ideal hair accessory to put the finishing touch to your bridal look.

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