Dec 01, 2016

Are You Afraid of Rain on Your Wedding Day? Here Is Our Advice so It Looks Perfect

by Marieta Fernández, author of Quiero Una Boda Perfecta

After months preparing for your big day, a bride’s worst nightmare is the chance of rain on her wedding day. Obviously almost everything should and must be under control at a wedding… But who can control the weather? On the happiest day of your lives you will be subject to capricious chance and it’s impossible to control it, you can only pray harder, take eggs to the Clarisas convent or write down some of the advice I’m offering you on the Pronovias Atelier Backstage Blog, so your wedding still looks perfect even if the rain makes a special appearance at your wedding.

tips pra boda con lluvia

Caroline in Plisa dress from Pronovias and Jordan on her wedding day. Photo: Nicole Sarah

- A prepared bride is a good bride: During the months leading up to your great day, it is important to foresee that, depending on the dates you have chosen for your wedding, there are greater chances of rain. It is also true that the weather and the temperatures have been changing other the past years and seasons like spring and autumn are gradually disappearing.

My wedding day comes to mind, I got married 5 years ago, on April 9, it was a beautiful day and it was 33º. But I was a prepared bride and the first thing I bought when I was organising my wedding was a cute transparent umbrella. April is the month of showers, but although my day didn’t honour the sayings… What if it had rained? Was I going to carry a horrible umbrella? NO! It is important to take care of the smallest of details!


Photo: Nicole Sarah

- Plan B is essential: If the wedding is held in the summer, you probably want to do everything outdoors, with cords of lights and live music, it is a fantastic plan, as long as it doesn’t rain. When you go visit country houses, restaurants, farms, estates, etc., always check if they have a Plan B, since it will be essential if it rains. Many couples don’t even consider it, their wedding day arrives and they end up celebrating their wedding in a place they don’t love or maybe it’s too tight for all of your guests. You could get unexpected showers too!


Photo: Nicole Sarah

- Wink back at the rain: If we asked millions of brides if they would like it to rain on their wedding day, we would surely hear a firm “NO!” Clearly nobody wishes for that on their day, but you could even include the possibility of showers in your wedding décor. For example, you could use rain boots as vases decorating the ceremony venue or coloured umbrellas to decorate different areas… You have a thousands of possibilities!

You could even give your guests a practical wedding favour like an umbrella to keep them dry or delicate pashminas if it gets chilly after it rains.


Photo: Nicole Sarah

- Small details make the difference: On the days leading up to the wedding, check the forecast on different weather sites and let your family and friends know if the forecast includes storms, so they can change their outfit for the occasion, if needed. They’re sure to thank you!


Photo: Nicole Sarah


Foto: Nicole Sarah

- Pictures are better with rain: Cloudy or rainy days are perfect to make spectacular photo shoots. The light on those days is fantastic and you will avoid undesirable shadows caused by the sun, shiny patches due to the heat and you will get dreamy images full of nuances and a very romantic ambiance. And rain also provides the perfect setting to play in puddles with your rain boots or maybe even some fun umbrellas for the great day.

- Speak to your stylist: On rainy days it is advisable to pick an up-do and avoid straightened hair, since it could get frizzy at any moment. Humidity will be another guest at your wedding if it rains and you will have to consider this when doing your make-up by using softer shades and water-resistant products.

novai mojada novia afortunada

Photo: Nicole Sarah

- The wedding dress on a rainy day: I wish we could guess without a shadow of a doubt if it will rain on your wedding day. Sadly, this is not the case. But maybe we can pick a wedding dress that is OK even “if it rains”. The best dresses are simple, comfortable, light wedding dresses with a short train. If it were to rain you will have to look after a thousand and one details, and if you can prevent the need to keep your dress from getting dirty, all the better. Agua, Antara, Niagara, Edrei and Nadia are some wonderful options with a very short train for the “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata”, which means “Wet bride, lucky bride”.


Niagara dress from Atelier Pronovias 2017 Collection

Odri and Olga are perfect for brides who want to wear a short dress, looking completely different and not risking anything if it rains.


Olga dress from Pronovias 2017 Collection

And for chillier brides, long sleeves could be your perfect total bridal look with dresses like Alana, Amor, Ivania, Nesta o Narciso.


Ivania dress from Atelier Pronovias 2017 Collection

You wake up, look out the window and the first droplets of rain start to hit the glass… If only you had a magic wand to change the weather, but that’s impossible so you have to keep positive. You’ve spent over a year organising your wedding, everything is under control, so raining or pouring, your wedding will be the most special day ever. We hope this advice helps your wedding look perfect even if you get some showers. 


Photo: Nicole Sarah

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