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Jan 24, 2017

Five Dreamy Places to Celebrate Your Wedding

by Wendy and Marina, co-authors of Bodas de Cuento

In addition to your wedding dress, the choice of the wedding venue is one of the most important decisions and the one that couples are most concerned about when organizing the big day. Luckily, the possibilities these days are endless, with more options offered on the market, which are more stunning and spectacular than ever. No matter what type of wedding you want, there’s a venue for you. And we can assure you of this, having organized over 300 weddings, and understanding perfectly that finding the absolutely perfect venue sometimes isn’t easy.

Louise Roe wearing Nagore dress from the Atelier Pronovias 2017 Collection on the steps of an English palace.

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Feb 24, 2015

The Vespa bride

Cristina and Jordi were wed last summer on a beautiful estate in Lleida, in Catalonia, Spain.


Their love story is that of a boy and a girl who met, lost touch and who, on a magical summer night, reconnected and never let go again. With very different appearances but very similar at heart, Cristina and Jordi make an incredible couple.  “He is really adventurous and into sports. He’s always in a good mood and his motto is: The best thing about the plan is that there isn’t a plan. I’m an urbanite, I adore shopping and fashion and I often get stressed out. But the best thing is that we are so different. He makes me feel more alive than ever, even in hiking boots!”, Cristina told us.

When Jordi proposed to Cristina she went to the Pronovias store in Barcelona to find a dress that would highlight her personality. “I wanted a dress that would allow me to feel like myself, a reflection of the way I am and feel”.

She tried on several before she finally chose the Diciembre dress from the Pronovias Fashion 2014 collection, which Cristina personalised by changing the strapless neckline for a sweetheart neckline. “I like everything about my dress, particularly the shape of the back and the gorgeous train.”


Cristina wanted to wear two looks without having to change her dress. She did this by combining the dress with two headdresses, one for the ceremony and a more festive one for the celebration. A great way of having two different outfits without changing the dress. For the ceremony she picked a net by Pronovias, which added a chic, vintage touch. For the celebration she wore a headband with flowers, also by Pronovias, a lovely choice for a summer wedding in a countryside setting.

The most important piece of jewellery was her engagement ring, a Tiffany set solitaire. She wore Klein blue sandals by Lola Cruz.

cristina i jordi0356mc

Her hair and makeup was entrusted to the skills of her usual stylist, María from “Raffel Pagés” in Lleida. “There was no doubt that it had to be her to do this important job, because she has known me all my life and knows exactly what I like and what makes me feel comfortable.”

cristina i jordi1431mc




We love how she emphasised her vintage look with red lipstick and nail polish, which matched the couple’s 1965 red Vespa. A truly adorable pop detail. “I knew I wanted to keep my personal style and reject the idea that a bride always has to look extremely discreet. I think it’s more important to be true to yourself”.

Both the ceremony and the party were held at the “Els Comdals” estate in Cervera, in Lérida (Catalonia, Spain), which was lovingly decorated with lights and handmade details by Cal Blay.






The pictures of this beautiful wedding were taken by  Mónica Carrera.

Do you like Cristina’s look? As you know, you can make an appointment at your nearest store. Why not get some more inspiration from posts about other real brides like Darya,Poppy and Pat?


Jan 29, 2015

Winter wedding tips

By Amma Adjubi-Archibald, from Beyond/Beyond blog, Lovehunter


The nights are cooler and it’s the kind of weather that hot chocolate was made for.  Although, the summer tends to be the most popular time for wedding season – the winter is now starting to get pretty popular too.  So, if you are a winter bride here are some helpful tips for how to keep a cool head in the cold!


1. Be early – the earlier you start the wedding the better the light will be as it gets dark quickly don’t start later than around 1pm.  This way if you want to get any outdoor wedding portraits taken you have plenty of time and natural light to get them.



2. Wrap up! Pretty accessories may save the day here it’s all about the detachables that can help you stay warm while looking it beautiful.  You may want to invest in a bolero jacket, shrug or a shawl.  There are beautiful additions that you can pair with your dress – it is possible to wrap up pretty.


Andrea y Luis_230-low

3. Let there be light – we love a bit of candle light and you have the perfect excuse to trip the light fantastic.  Find décor ideas that bring as much light to the proceedings as possible; candles, lanterns you name it add them into the mix and give your venue a gorgeous glow.



Pat y Jesús - Bodas de Cuento 046


4. Shoes – keep them closed!  We love satin peep toes as much as the next person however they are the mortal enemy of snow and damp plus we don’t think you’ll be very happy with freezing feet on your big day.  So look for leather closed toe shoe magic, if you feel like it you could go for boots. After all if the dress is long enough are they really going to know if you are wearing Uggs or Wellies?


Andrea y Luis_107-low

5. Think of the location – when the weather isn’t the best try to keep locations as close together as possible.  If you can get a venue that is close to amenities or even a venue that combines the ceremony, reception and accommodation – then that is fantastic. Fuss free and as simple as possible is the way to go so you don’t have to spend the day worrying about how to transport your guests.

Pat y Jesús - Bodas de Cuento 034

6. Get a great photographer – I know that I am going to sound very boring (because I always say this), but this is why a great photographer is so important!  An expert photographer who is great with indoor shots and skilled lighting will be your very best friend!  So don’t skimp a good photographer is worth every penny!

Pat y Jesús - Bodas de Cuento 039

Jan 27, 2015

Wedding dress trend: Crystal tulle transparencies

By Keyla Días G., from Tendencias de bodas, LoveHunter,


Twentieth century brides enjoy showing off their figures and they are not afraid to be sexy brides. However, that doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice the aesthetic and symbolism of wearing a wedding dress. These are the new rules and the essence of the contemporary woman, the great muse of Pronovias. The firm has created a selection of dresses in its 2015 bridal collection featuring alluring, trend-setting optical illusions using sheer fabrics just for them.

Cast your mind back to the wedding dresses of the eighties. The dress worn by Lady Di at her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981 was a landmark of the decade. This Victorian-inspired dress had an enormous skirt, gigantic puffed sleeves and an extremely long, eight-metre train. It’s hard to believe that just thirty years later, our idea of the perfect bride has transformed into what it is today. Although the dress is still of the utmost importance to the bridal look, it is now the bride who is the real centre of attention.

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

For modern brides, that is, the ones who feel no affinity with conservative styles such as that worn by Lady Di, the Pronovias collection 2015 contains some marvellous designs in which the bride’s skin seems to be part of the dress itself. Sheer layers created using delicate tulle on the sleeves, neckline and on the back give the bride’s body a sensual yet sophisticated air. Pronovias has also conjured up a magical ‘tattoo effect’ in this collection, using embroidery on sheer fabrics to look almost as though it were appliquéd to the bride’s skin. One fabulous example of the tattoo effect is the work on the back of the Carezza wedding dress. It’s spectacular!

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

Stunning Clarisa features crystal tulle at the décolleté, which is adorned with minuscule white polka dots.

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

Another breath-taking, sensual style in crystal tulle is  Capricornio, whose tattoo effect cascades delicately down the sleeves.

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

However, on the subject of insinuation, sheer sensuality and the tattoo effect, Caraola is the queen of them all. This tulle and lace mermaid dress looks as though it has been strategically printed onto the bride’s body to create a second skin. An amazing Pronovias dress suitable only for brides with the personality to carry it off.

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

DarioAranyo for Pronovias

So, if you are one of these twenty-first century brides and you have the attitude and style to carry it off, pick a crystal tulle wedding dress with a tattoo or nude effect and show off your body by wearing something far more daring than a conventional bride would choose. Please don’t hesitate to request an appointment at your nearest Pronovias store or send us an email by clicking here.

Oct 29, 2014

Wedding trend: two piece gowns

By Nuria Gonzalez, blogger 100 vestidos, LoveHunter

You’re probably getting married soon (Congratulations!!), and you’re surely looking for gowns for this great day. If you’re engaged and you are looking for a different, glamorous, and fashionable dress, you can’t ignore the option of choosing a top and a skirt, and combine it as you wish.

Luckily, Pronovias is hot on the latest trends and takes pride in the elegance that it has pursued over the years. Additionally, it gets into the bride’s shoes and solves the issue of wanting a long gown for the ceremony and a short dress to dance, while it still is “your dress”. The idea is appealing, right?

Misol Pronovias - Atelier Backstage MISOL, 2015 Collection


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