Pronovias 2022. A Rebirth of Bridal Glamor

Pronovias 2022. A Rebirth of Bridal Glamor

Alessandra Rinaudo, Pronovias Chief Artistic Director, talks us through the inspiration behind the new collection EDEN.

Nature is one of mankind’s great inspirations. From art to architecture, literature to music, the majesty and wonder of the natural world continues to enthrall us and give us hope and serenity.

For Eden, the new Pronovias 2022 collection, Pronovias Chief Artistic Director Alessandra Rinaudo was inspired by the harmony of nature and our desire to escape to it.

“This is a very emotional collection for me,” says Rinaudo. “I have always loved travelling, especially with my family. Just before the pandemic, we went to Africa and discovered incredible, pristine landscapes. When I sat down to design the collection, which was during lockdown, I returned to these places in my head. I realized how much nature meant to me, how much it inspires my designs, and how much we all need it in our lives right now ”

The fluidity of desert dunes and ocean waves led Rinaudo and her design team to source out new fabrics for the Eden collection, where a refined version of the ever-popular boho look is particularly strong. Silky satin, chiffon and organza create fluttering angel sleeves, soft, swinging skirts and delicate capes and trains.

Folding and draping is prominent in Eden, creating relaxed silhouettes in keeping with the collection’s natural ethos and the trend for a purer form of bridal glamor. “Our seamstresses and patternmakers worked so hard to find new ways of draping the dress, and I think you can appreciate that in the way they skim over the body in an unforced and utterly feminine way,” adds Rinaudo.

Exquisite beading, a signature of Pronovias wedding gowns, has been elevated to new heights in EDEN. Shimmering clusters of crystals and glistening glass droplets reference dew-laden forests and starry nights creating depth and subtle, sparkling effects over bodices, backs and waistlines. “We really went out of our way to find beads with different qualities, and experiment with them to create new effects,” explains Rinaudo.

In keeping with the reverence for nature in the EDEN collection, it offers a greater number of #WeDoEco dresses that have been crafted with sustainable fabrics, trims and finishes. In the same way, the collection celebrates the natural beauty of ALL women, and is available in an extended size range. “I feel brides will love this collection, because the dress she chooses will represent exactly who she is, “ comments Rinaudo on the diverse character of the EDEN collection.

And her favorite dress in the collection?

“It’s very difficult for me to name only one dress, because really I love them all! But if I have to choose then maybe Bryce. I love this dress because for me it represents the essence of Pronovias. It’s clean. It’s modern. It’s fashion forward. It’s a classic Pronovias silhouette, but with a modern interpretation. But each and every one of the dresses has a natural, harmonious beauty, and in each one you can feel the love that went into it by me and every member of our team.”


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