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Before January 13th, tell us you are interested by filling out this form. You can participate for up to 2 Pronovias Group brands.


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The promotion runs for 4 weeks, from January 17th until February 13th. Each week you will create & post for each brand you have entered for.

4 in-feed Instagram posts

4 Instagram stories

1 Instagram Reel or 1 TikTok video

Featuring dresses of the brand(s) that you have selected, tagging your selected brand(s), and using the correct hashtags of the selected brand(s). 


Share your content with us

At the end of the month, complete this report by inserting your content and send it back to us until February 20th.

Please send your report to the respective person in your country:


We'll review the content

We will look your report to ensure that everything is correct and get back to you by March 6th.


The promotion applies to Pronovias, House of St. Patrick, White One, Nicole Milano, Ladybird and Vera Wang Bride.

You can only choose brands for which you bought a minimum of 10 dresses with your first 2022 collection order. Reorders do not count towards the 10-dress minimum.

You can only choose a maximum of 2 brands for this promotion. If you chose 2 brands, you must create the requested social media content for each selected brand.

You only participate in this promotion if you have successfully registered via this form by Thursday, January 13th.

You can create posts using your own content featuring dresses of the selected brand(s) in your store, your real brides wearing the selected brand(s) or use the images and videos we have ready and available for you at our Media Centre.

You must use the correct tags and hashtags when posting the content. These are the correct tags and hashtags per brand:

If you have participated successfully, you will receive an in stock sample dress of the 2022 collection, for each brand that you have participated successfuly. The maximum number of free in stock sample dresses of the 2022 collection that you will receive is 2. The maximum value of the in free in store sample dress of the 2022 collection you will receive is as follows:

  • Pronovias: UK: £915, Ireland: €997, DACH & Benelux: €977, Denmark: DKK 7.415, Norway: NOK 9.966, Sweden: SEK 10.225, Eastern Europe: €997, USA: $1205
  • House of St Patrick: UK: £644, Ireland: €716, DACH & Benelux: €715, Denmark: DKK 5.329, Norway: NOK 7.164, Sweden: SEK 7,350, Eastern Europe: €715, USA: $875
  • White One: UK: £447, Ireland: €496, DACH & Benelux: €437, Denmark: DKK 3.690, Norway: NOK 4.960, Sweden: SEK 5.089, Eastern Europe: €496, USA: $550
  • Nicole Milano: UK: £787, Ireland: €876, DACH & Benelux: €839, Denmark: DKK 6.515, Norway: NOK 8.757, Sweden: SEK 8.985, Eastern Europe: €839, USA: $1,020
  • Ladybird: UK: £461, Ireland: €480, DACH & Benelux: €461, Denmark: DKK 3.568, Norway: NOK 4.795, Sweden: SEK 4.920, Eastern Europe: €480, USA: $550
  • Vera Wang Bride: UK: £915, Ireland: €997, DACH & Benelux: €977, Denmark: DKK 7.415, Norway: NOK 9.966, Sweden: SEK 10.225, Eastern Europe: €997, USA: $1050

The first round of this social media promotion is kicking off on January 17th and finishes February 13th. The 4 weeks are defined as follows:

  • Week 1: Monday, January 17th until Sunday, January 23rd
  • Week 2: Monday, January 24th until Sunday, January 30th
  • Week 3: Monday, January 31st until Sunday, February 6th
  • Week 4: Monday, February 7th until Sunday, February 13th

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