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Red carpet dresses are a must in every woman's closet, because you never know when a special occasion that requires you to wear it will come. They are celebrations for a business dinner, a wedding, the theater, a celebration, a party or any other important event. Have you seen the new collection of red carpet dresses from Pronovias? A wide range of colors, fabrics, designs and shapes await to enhance your figure and make you feel beautiful and safe.

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  1. ATOS STYLE 234

    ATOS STYLE 234
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    ATOS STYLE 233
  3. ATOS STYLE 229

    ATOS STYLE 229
  4. TR STYLE 207

    TR STYLE 207
  5. TM STYLE 206

    TM STYLE 206
  6. TM STYLE 202

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    TM STYLE 202
  7. TE STYLE 228

    TE STYLE 228
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    TE STYLE 190
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    TD STYLE 232
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Red carpet dresses are perfect to wear, for example, as evening gowns for your dinners or more special events. They are elegant and sophisticated, made with haute couture only using high quality fabrics that enhance and adapt to your figure. You will look and feel perfect with them. In Pronovias we are more than just a bridal shop, we are the ones who care about all the women in the world on their most important occasions, and we also want to take care of you!

Our collections of cocktail dresses or red carpet dresses are designed especially for you, so that you stand out without losing the glamor. What colour looks best on you? We have it! You just have to see the wide showcase that we have on our website, exclusively for you. From there you can find your nearest Pronovias store and make an appointment. Come see us! You will not regret it and you will leave our stores with a big smile. Just as like deserve.


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