Strap Dresses

Choosing the perfect dress for a dinner or gala event is not easy, since the occasion requires a quality and elegance that only our clothing can offer you. Discover the selection of Pronovias strap cocktail dresses and enjoy the comfort and distinction of haute couture. Our strap cocktail dresses are characterized by sophistication and glamor. They are perfect for any time of the year, fresh in summer and ideal with a jacket in winter.

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We have created a wide catalogue of garments for your most special occasions. Among them you can find our ruffle cocktail dresses that give a fresh but still elegant look to your outfit. The fabrics and confection of our strap cocktail dresses have no competition, as they fit you perfectly and do not allow you to go unnoticed. You can combine these dresses with a style as simple as you want and with the accessories and complements that you like best to adapt the look to your own style. And if you like sheath dresses, in Pronovias we have them also as strap cocktail dresses, because straps are an element that offers a wide versatility in combinations.

Don't hesitate it anymore, in Pronovias we have the perfect look for you, because we have been working for decades to create collections that fit the taste and needs of all the women in the world. Find your dress, see where your nearest boutique is and make an appointment. We will take care of the rest.


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