How to Start Your Wedding Planning Checklist

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It’s happened! Your relationship has reached the next level, and you’ve just said yes! In addition to a new, gorgeous ring, you and your partner also have the task of planning your celebrations. Knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. By following our outline and helpful tips, you can ensure your wedding arrangements checklist has the necessities tailored to your preferences, bringing you one step closer to the special day. 

Wedding planning checklist #1: post-engagement 

Spread the engagement news to friends and family

The first step in the wedding planning process is making sure all your friends and family know you’ve just gotten engaged. You will probably want to call family and your closest friends; for Everyone else, social media works. But what if they rarely log on Then an email is your best bet. Include an engagement selfie in the message and use the opportunity to create a contact list for wedding guests, which will help with the invitation timeline later on.

By letting your loved ones know, this helps them prepare for your celebrations. Though the timeline for save the dates and Invitations may depend on you and your fiancé, an engagement announcement gives them a heads-up so they can plan what they’ll need to do to celebrate your love story.

Treasure your engagement ring 

Looking after your engagement ring is a must. Sounds like a no brainer, right? But things happen, so get your ring insured as soon as possible.

Is it the perfect fit? Then we applaud your partner. If not, a trip to the jeweler to get it resized is next on your bridal planning checklist. While you are waiting for it to come back, treat yourself to a manicure – you will want your hands to look their best while you show off your engagement ring in the near future.

Dark-haired woman celebrating in an off-the-shoulder wedding dress with bridal party and husband dressed in black.

Top Tip: Check if your wedding ring can be added to your home insurance policy before you buy a separate one.

Wedding planning checklist #2: Deciding on the venue 

Choosing the venues for both the ceremony and reception is one of the first things on your wedding planning timeline. Why? The invitations And the date depends on when your ideal location is available. With the rise in civil weddings, slots at registry offices are filling up well in advance. The style of reception venue, be it a country manor, a luxury beach villa, or a historic ballroom, will play a part in catering, the number of guests, even your choice of dress. With so many possibilities to choose from, these are the two main things to consider as you begin hunting for your picturesque setting.

Choosing your location 

One of the major decisions to make during the planning process is whether your celebrations will be close to home or if it’ll be a destination ceremony. Selecting the general location (in state or out of the country) as soon as possible allows guests to update their passports or ensure they take enough time off to celebrate your love story.

Deciding on size

Though you don’t have to know exactly whom to invite on the special day, it is important to know around how many guests will be attending. If your celebrations will be on the larger side, you’ll need to find a venue with the capacity to accommodate all your guests. Prefer a smaller wedding? Finding a more compact Venue will capture the intimate feel of your ceremony.

Wedding planning checklist #3: curating your dream look 

The fun part of a bride’s to-do list is creating a gorgeous wedding day ensemble tailored to your preferences.

Blonde woman in a white lace bridal veil with leaf motifs detailing the edges

The hunt for the dress

We recommend starting the search for your dream dress at least 6 months in advance. This gives plenty of time for 2-3 fittings and any alterations, and to make sure your gown arrives to you in perfect condition. But how to choose between a Princess bridal dress or mermaid style? Knowing the correct wedding dress silhouette for your body type will make the choice easier, as well as looking for inspiration on social media.

Accessorizing your gown 

Once you’ve found your wedding dress, adding intricate bridal accessories ensures you capture your dream look. From veils to detachable skirts, the possibilities are endless. Consider scheduling a virtual appointment with our team to explore how you can tailor your design to your taste.

Selecting bridesmaids' dresses 

The final step in curating your dream look is choosing your bridal party’s ensembles. Consider selecting one bridesmaid's dress for a uniform look, or allow your party to mix and match based on their preferences.

Wedding planning checklist #4: details of the special day

Once you’ve created the bridal look of your dreams, the next step is to decide on the things you need at a wedding to tailor it to your special love story.

Which traditions to keep?

Will you incorporate the wedding garter tradition, or will you personalize your wedding vows? Deciding with your partner on which customs to keep can help your special day capture your relationship.

Curating the aesthetic

From selecting the food menu to deciding between a band or DJ, the finishing details of your special day can define the atmosphere. Will you have large bouquets as centerpieces to capture your luxurious taste, or will the tables be decorated with romantic candles?

Wedding planning tips 

With so much going on, you will need to be more organized than ever. Below are a few tips for ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Woman in V-neck off-the-shoulder wedding dress holding a bouquet standing next to woman in pink bridesmaid dress

  • Keep it all on record: Google spreadsheets are a great way of keeping track of costs, quotes, contacts, and even guest RSVPs. 
  • Last-minute wedding checklist: Consider curating a list with all the details to reference leading up to the special day. 
  • Bridal emergency kit list: Assign your maid of honor to an emergency kit for the special day, preparing for potential mishaps during your ceremony.  
  • Document the ceremony: By selecting a great photographer or videographer, you can rest assured your special day will be captured as you focus on enjoying the celebrations.  

From spreading the news about the engagement to creating the bridal party look of your dreams, knowing where to start with wedding planning can be overwhelming. By following our guide and helpful tips, you can curate a wedding prep timeline tailored to your special day.  

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