This wedding planning checklist will keep you on track to your dream day.

It’s happened! Suddenly, you have gone from in a relationship to betrothed. Yes! You can finally change your relationship status on your Facebook profile, but that’s not all…

Keep this wedding planning checklist handy and start ticking things off today!

Wedding Planning Checklist

Let Everyone Know – But How?

In the age of communication, let us count the ways! You will probably want to call family and closest friends, for everyone else social media works. But what if they rarely log-on? Then an email is your best bet. Include an engagement selfie in the message, and use the opportunity to create a contact list for wedding guests.

Create a designated wedding email address (easy if you use Gmail) for all wedding correspondence - and there will be plenty!

Wedding Planning Checklist Top Tip #1

Treasure Your Ring

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But things happen, so get your ring insured as soon as possible. Is it the perfect fit? Then we applaud your partner. If not, a trip to the jeweler to get it resized is next on your wedding planner checklist. While you are waiting for it to come back, treat yourself to a manicure – you will want your hands to look their best as you (endlessly) show off your engagement ring in the near future.

Top Tip. Check if your wedding ring can be added to your home insurance policy before you buy a separate one.  

Wedding Planning Checklist Top Tip #2

It’s Never Too Early To Decide On Venues

Choosing the venues for both ceremony and reception is one of the first things on your wedding planner checklist. Why? Because the where and when will affect everything from here on end. With the rise in civil weddings, slots at registry offices are filling up well in advance. The style of reception venue, be it a country manor, luxury beach villa or historic ballroom will play a part in catering, the number of guests, even your choice of wedding dress. So pin that down as soon as possible too.

If you are time short, hire a wedding planner. He/She can narrow down choices for you, according to availability, taste and budget.

Wedding Planning Checklist Top Tip #3

The Hunt For The Dress!

We recommend starting the search for your dream dress at least 6 months in advance. This gives plenty of time for 2-3 fittings and any alterations, and to make sure you gown arrives to you in absolutely perfect condition.

But how to choose between a Princess wedding dress or mermaid style? Knowing the correct wedding dress silhouette for your body type will make the choice easier, as will looking for inspiration on social media – follow bridal influencers, brands and publications, and let your imagination run free.

Make a virtual appointment with one of our wedding dress consultants – a practical, personal way to start your dream dress journey.

Wedding Planning Checklist Top Tip #4

Keep It All On Record

With so much going on, you will need to be more organized than ever. Google spread sheets are a great way of keeping track of costs, quotes, contacts, even guest RSVPs. Or start a wedding website; easy with all the free templates around. For creating mood boards and gathering ideas together, Pinterest is queen. 

Feeling overwhelmed already? Don’t be! You would be surprised how many people are willing to help you make your dream day happen.  Importantly, involve your nearest and dearest in the selection of your wedding dress. Start here, and let the most beautiful journey begin!  



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