By requesting an appointment, by filling in our Appointment Request Form or contacting us by telephone, we inform you that your personal data will be processed by SAN PATRICK, SLU, an enterprise located in Barcelona, Calle Om, 16, Polígono Industrial Mas Mateu, S/N, and Company Tax Number B-63523609 (“PRONOVIAS”).

Your personal data will also be processed by the enterprise that manages the store you have selected for your appointment.

This may be a Pronovias group company (see link) (a “Pronovias Store”) or a third party enterprise, for example, franchises or authorised retailers which are managed by third parties (a “Third Party Store”).

PRONOVIAS and the Pronovias Store or the Third Party Store are independent controllers of the personal data that they collect about you in relation to your appointment.

PRONOVIAS and the Pronovias Stores will process your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When we refer to “us”, “we”, or “our” in this Privacy Policy we mean PRONOVIAS and the Pronovias Stores. The Pronovias Stores will also have their own Privacy Policies explaining how they process the personal data they collect directly from you, available in store.

Where you book an appointment with a Third Party Store, then your personal data will be processed by them in accordance with their own Privacy Policy. We recommend that you review their Privacy Policy (available in the Third Party Store) in conjunction with this Policy.



When you request an appointment, PRONOVIAS will collect the information you provide in the appointment request form or by telephone, which may include:


your full name and contact details;

your nearest store;

the date of your wedding and the desired date of your appointment;

your dress preferences, for example, your favourite silhouettes; and

details of your wedding, for example, the type of location (if known).


Our third party payment processor Adyen N.V. will also collect your bank details through Adyen’s Secure Payment Platform during the booking process, which will only be used for the purposes of managing your payment and checking fraudulent transactions (you can find more information on ).

The store may also collect any personal data which you provide during or after your appointment, which may be shared with PRONOVIAS for the purposes set out below. For example, if you proceed to place an order for a dress.

You do not have to give us any of the personal data set out above but, if you do not provide us with certain information, we may not be able to provide you with the appointment you have requested.




Your Appointment

The data will be processed by PRONOVIAS for the purpose of managing your request to book an appointment in the store you select, which will involve sharing your information with the store to check the store’s availability, and to allow the store to provide the appointment and to personalise your experience where possible.

PRONOVIAS and the store may also use the details collected about you to contact you in relation to this reservation by any means, including electronic means such as email, telephone, SMS, or any other suitable means to fulfil said purpose (including by instant messaging applications). For example, to confirm your appointment and to send you reminders; to deal with any queries, complaints, payment issues or cancellation/rescheduling requests; or to conduct surveys on the quality of the service and support provided by the store and relating to the service provided or the product purchased.

You may be charged a fee when you book an appointment with some of our Pronovias Stores or when you do not attend a booked appointment. Where a booking fee is payable, our third party payment processor will use your bank details to process your payment of the booking fee on the Pronovias Store’s behalf and the Pronovias Store may also use these details to issue an invoice in relation to that payment. Please refer to the Third Party Store’s booking terms and conditions and Privacy Policy to understand what fees are payable and how payments are processed by Third Party Stores.

We will also use your personal data for internal administration and record-keeping purposes, for example, to administer the website and in order to manage a centralised repository of customers, potential customers and interested parties. Said centralised repository may be accessed by Pronovias Stores and certain Third Party Stores.

We will only use your personal data where we have a lawful basis to do so. When processing your personal data for the above purposes, we will only do so where it is necessary for us to perform our contract with you (for example, the appointment booking terms) or for our legitimate interest in a way which might reasonably be expected as part of running our business and which does not materially impact your interests, rights or freedoms (for example, when using your personal data to administer and improve our website or when issuing surveys to you). Please contact us using the details below if you would like further information about this.



Also, and provided you have given your consent by ticking the box provided for this purpose on the form, we may process your data in order to contact you about the PRONOVIAS Group’s events, products and offers by telephone call, email and SMS, including those that use an autodialer.

PRONOVIAS may contact you for these purposes on behalf of other enterprises of the PRONOVIAS Group, such as the Pronovias Stores, as the enterprise responsible for the Group’s publicity and communication.

Communications may be adapted and customised according to users’ interests, either based on the products and services requested, or based on the data that we may deduce or obtain from your browsing, interest in certain content, or reaction to our communications, among others.

This customisation is partially automated, in the sense that PRONOVIAS determines the customisation parameters, but the technological platform is the one that generates the user’s profile. We do not send general communications that are not segmented through the above procedure, as we consider that it is in the interest of both PRONOVIAS and the user to send or receive information that is relevant, and because not segmenting would not alter the number of communications received, but only the content of the same. In this sense, if any user does not wish to be segmented, please do not subscribe to PRONOVIAS communications.

For more information on how we customize our marketing communications, you can access our General Privacy Policy, available at, where you will find detailed information on this.



Payment processor Adyen N.V;

Customer experience management software platform provider;

Customer relationship management software platform provider;

ERP Cloud software provider, which we use for resource planning, etc.;

POS Platform provider, which ensures the proper customer experience for sales and transactions at the point of sale; and

Logistics and transport providers.

Without prejudice to the foregoing and as explained in section one (1) above, your data may be disclosed or transferred to those Third Party Stores where you book an appointment. In any case, the name and address of the Third Party Store where you book an appointment (and which your data may be disclosed or transferred to) will be provided in the form you complete when booking your appointment.



We are an international brand with stores all over the world. As a result, your data may be processed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area (EU and EEA, respectively). For example, if you book an appointment in one of our stores located outside of the EU/EEA, such as in the United States.


Where your data is transferred from the EU to Pronovias Stores outside of the EU or EEA, then this processing is governed by an intra-group agreement which contains the ‘EU-approved standard clauses’. These are contracts approved by the European regulator and which provide sufficient guarantees to ensure that the processing complies with the requirements established by the European General Data Protection Regulation.


Where you are based in the EU and book an appointment with a Third Party Store outside of the EU or EEA, then your data will be transferred to that Third Party Store as it is necessary for the performance of the contract to provide your appointment.

Your data may also be processed outside the EU or EEA by our international suppliers. For example, the providers of our customer relationship management and customer experience management platforms are based in the US.

Where your data is shared with international suppliers that provide their services from outside the EU or EEA, then this processing is either governed by the ‘EU-approved standard clauses’ or the Privacy Shield, which is a framework agreement between the EU and the United States that establishes a standardised framework for data processing according to the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

You can request more information at any time about the guarantees taken in each case.



Except for your bank details, all the data that you provide us with, or that we may deduce through the provision of the associated services, will be processed for a maximum period of five (5) years from your last visit to any Pronovias Store, attendance at any event, or any request made through our website or customer service, among others.


Your bank details will be retained by our third party payment processor for seven (7) years to meet mandatory regulatory requirements.

Also, if you have subscribed to our commercial communications, we will process your data until PRONOVIAS considers that, via any means available according to the technology available at any time, you are no longer interested in its products. In any case, you can cancel your subscription and withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the link provided at the bottom of each email or by sending an email to or a free-of-charge text message to the number provided at the end of the SMS.

After the period indicated in the first paragraph of this section six (6), or when any of the circumstances indicated in the third paragraph occur, PRONOVIAS will keep your data for the period of time necessary to fulfil its legal obligations. At the end of said period, they will be duly anonymised for statistical purposes or market research, whenever possible, or duly blocked to comply with any legal obligation of PRONOVIAS.



You may object to any of the above processing at any time, without any consequences for your status as a customer or contact of PRONOVIAS.

If you would like to exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction or portability in relation to data held by a Third Party Store, then you must exercise your rights in relation to that data in accordance with the Third Party Store’s Privacy Policy.

You may exercise such rights in relation to the data held by PRONOVIAS or any Pronovias Store by sending a written communication to PRONOVIAS at the following address: Calle Om, 16, Polígono Industrial Mas Mateu, S/N, 08820 de Barcelona (Spain) or by e-mail to

Additionally, you may file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority if you think that your data has been processed in breach of data protection laws.

We may request documentation proving your identity to carry out your request, whenever required by current local regulations.



Certain browsers may provide individuals with the ability to communicate that they wish not to be tracked while browsing on the internet. We currently do not have the ability to respond to such “Do Not Track” signals.

This website uses cookies that may collect personal data from website visitors for the purposes set out in our Cookies Policy. Some of these cookies are set by third party providers, such as Google Analytics. Otherwise, we do not currently enable third parties to collect personally identifiable information about an individual consumer’s online activities over time and across different websites when a consumer uses this website including the social networks unless you decide to click on the available links.




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