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Our Love Story to the Planet

Love comes to us in many ways. At Pronovias, we are sharing our love for the planet with #WeDoEco.

#WeDoEco is a pledge we have taken to make the world a happier place by dressing your dreams – sustainably. It's our deep commitment to finding solutions that reduce the impact on a fragile planet. It’s a promise kept to offer you beautiful, eco-friendly wedding gowns.

#WeDoEco touches everything in the lifecycle of your dream dress, from design to making, fitting to delivery. It’s a circle of love we invite you to enter. It is a never-ending love story that you can be part of.

#WeDoEco because we are committed to making the world not only greener, but happier too.

Share the love.
Share your dreams.

Say I Do in #WeDoEco

A breathtaking look for you;

a sigh of relief for the planet.
Sustainable materials
All fabrics and trims, laces and buttons, bear a seal of sustainability from leading environmental custodians.
Designed & crafted locally
#WeDoEco dresses are designed in Barcelona and made in Pronovias Group workshops in Spain. Materials and accessories have been locally sourced in Europe, and all suppliers must sign of Code of Conduct protecting employees wellbeing and rights.
Packaging with purpose
Liquid wood hangers, recycled paper and woven labels, water-based inks and soft organic cotton cover bags that are kind to the planet.


Luxurious eco-certified fabrics, beautiful recycled laces, and gentle processes that bring
a sigh of relief to our beloved planet.


360º ECO

Every single element of the dress is sustainable. All fabrics are eco-certified, and packaging is sustainable and recyclable. Beads are manufactured from recycled glass and zippers from recycled materials such as PET. All dresses are designed and made locally.


The dress's principle fabric is eco-certified. Hangers are manufactured in liquid wood and swing tags are made of 100% recycled paper and 30% recycled fibers. Woven labels are made of 100% recycled cloth, and cover bags of organic cotton.

Making the world a happy place

Give your dress a second life

With #MyDressXHerFuture Pronovias program, you can donate your wedding dress to Brides Do Good, where it will be re-sold and, of course, re-loved, helping create a brighter future for underprivileged girls and women.


Find out how Pronovias Group helped dress the dreams of medical workers on the front line of the global pandemic with The Heroes Collection.


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