Red Carpet Dresses

Do you have a very glamorous event and you want to look dazzling? With one of our red carpet dresses you will feel unique and beautiful. We know that special occasions are important to you, and therefore we want you to look splendid and feel totally safe with your look. In Pronovias we want to help you achieve it, that is why we have created an exclusive selection of dresses made thinking of you, so that you shine with your own light in the most important events.

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  1. TS STYLE 164

    TS STYLE 164

  2. TR STYLE 158

    Influencer's pick

    TR STYLE 158

  3. TR STYLE 157

    TR STYLE 157

  4. TR STYLE 155

    Influencer's pick

    TR STYLE 155

    Special Price $680.00

    Regular Price $1,130.00

  5. TP STYLE 174

    TP STYLE 174

  6. TM STYLE 172

    TM STYLE 172

  7. TE STYLE 154

    TE STYLE 154

  8. TE STYLE 151

    TE STYLE 151

  9. TE STYLE 150


    TE STYLE 150

  10. TD STYLE 148


    TD STYLE 148

    Special Price $380.00

    Regular Price $750.00

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Our red carpet dresses, with which you will feel like a true Hollywood actress, are made with top high quality fabrics and couture garments that will make the best of your figure and your natural curves. Bare shoulders, empire cut, halter neckline, sparkles and rhinestones in new years eve dresses... The varieties are many, and we are sure that among all of them you will find red carpet dresses that will make you fall in love. Whichever you choose, it will be spectacular and you will not go unnoticed anywhere you go.

Do you want to come and try on one of our beautiful red carpet dresses? Then choose the one you like best from our selection. Next, you can find your nearest Pronovias boutique and then make an appointment with our professional team. We will take care of the rest. We are looking forward to your visit to advise and put at your disposal the very best of our haute couture collections.


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