Evening Dresses

Do you have a night event and you don't know what to wear yet? Elegance and sophistication should be the protagonists of the night. Choosing a dress according to the occasion is easy if you look in our selection of evening gowns. Our dresses and gowns are defined by haute couture garments and made of top-quality fabrics and made to fit your body like a glove to a hand. You can check all of our designs and models to wear on the most special occasions.

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  1. ATOL STYLE 219

    ATOL STYLE 219
  2. TE STYLE 229

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    TE STYLE 229
  3. TE STYLE 228

    TE STYLE 228
  4. TS STYLE 164

    TS STYLE 164
  5. TD STYLE 226

    TD STYLE 226
  6. TR STYLE 158

    TR STYLE 158
  7. TE STYLE 151

    TE STYLE 151
  8. TD STYLE 145

    TD STYLE 145
  9. ATOL STYLE 114

    ATOL STYLE 114
  10. ATOS STYLE 118

    ATOS STYLE 118
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Evening gowns adapt to your body shape and curves, enhancing your figure while being comfortable to wear. Lace, satin or tulle are some of the main elements of our evening gowns. In Pronovias we know that every woman has a taste of her own and that is why, in our collection you will find strapless dresses, princess cut dresses, cocktail skirts, and even some shorts ... A wide range of possibilities from which you can choose the one that best suits you!

In Pronovias we have been dressing women from all over the world for years, not only on their wedding day, but also at other special occasions, such as a wedding, an event or any other important appointment. This is the guarantee that in our boutiques you will find your perfect look. Why not trying on one of our black cocktail dresses? You can find your nearest Pronovias boutique and then make an appointment. Come see us, we are waiting for you with our arms open!


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