How to choose a veil for your wedding day

Woman with dark hair in a lace bridal veil and fitted, long lace wedding dress

On your wedding day, every detail matters. From the dress to the flowers, everything should be as you dreamed, including finding the perfect veil. Choosing the right one can add the finishing touch to your bridal look and make you feel like a princess as you walk down the aisle. But with so many options available, knowing how to pick a wedding veil fit for your special day can be difficult. Whether you want a traditional look with a long, cathedral-length veil, or prefer a more modern, shorter style, our guide will detail all the information you need to select the ideal bridal veil for you.

What are the veil lengths?

One place to start the search is to know the different lengths of wedding veils. Accessorizing your bridal look with a longer style can curate a different feel compared to a shorter one. Below is a brief veil-length guide with some of the most popular designs. 

 1. Glamorous cathedral-length veils

The cathedral veil is the epitome of elegance and grandeur. This veil is characterized by its dramatic length, usually extending beyond the train of the wedding dress. The design is often seen in formal weddings, as it creates a regal and ethereal effect. If you've always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, a cathedral veil might be the perfect choice for you. 

Woman walking up the stairs in a lace-detailed, cathedral-length veil and fit-and-flare wedding dress

2. Traditional chapel-length veils

The difference between a chapel veil vs cathedral veil lies in the slightly shorter style of the chapel design. It typically falls just below the train of the wedding dress. This veil exudes a sense of sophistication and tradition, making it a popular choice among brides seeking a timeless look. The style pairs well with various dresses, from ball gown to mermaid wedding dresses

3. Versatile fingertip-length veils

The fingertip veil is an option that effortlessly complements many different wedding dress silhouettes. The design typically reaches the fingertips or falls a few inches below. Striking a perfect balance between elegance and practicality, the style allows for ease of movement while still providing a touch of bridal romance.  

4. Modern shoulder-length veils

Shorter designs, such as birdcage veils or shoulder-length veils, add a contemporary twist to your bridal attire. Well-suited for less formal or unconventional weddings, a simple one-layered  style will capture your minimalist taste and complement your modern wedding dress

What are the different fabrics?

Another detail to take into consideration when choosing your bridal veil is the material. The fabric of the veil can play a significant role in its overall appearance and drape. Below are some of the most common types of veil fabrics. 

Woman in intricate, lace-detailed veil complete with floral motifs and a jeweled crown

1. Breathtaking lace wedding veils

Lace adds a romantic and vintage touch. A ‘Mantilla’ veil is a traditional Spanish-style veil that gently frames the shoulders. They are mostly attached to the head in a gathered fashion that adds height, a look that works perfectly if you plan to style your hair in a chignon. 

2. Simple silk tulle wedding veils

Silk offers a luxurious and smooth texture to your bridal attire while lightweight tulle complements most bridal dress fabrics. 

Consider selecting a design that blends both for the perfect balance, opting for a more minimalist style if your dress has more intricate detailing.  

3. Unique, beaded wedding veils

Embroidery and lace-edged designs can really complement simple silhouettes and clean fabrics, creating a romantic look for the ceremony. Also consider beading, glitter, and even 3D flower finishes for your veil; romantic gestures that will make your wedding look complete. 

How to choose the right wedding veil for your dress?

The style of the veil should harmonize with your wedding dress and finding the perfect veil is all about creating a cohesive and harmonious bridal look. Here are some tips to help you match your veil to your dress: 

1. Consider the dress neckline

Your wedding dress's neckline plays a significant role in determining the style of veil that will work best. If your dress has a detailed or high neckline, consider a shorter veil that won't detract from the dress's features. Alternatively, consider contrasting your strapless bridal design with a longer veil for a stunning look. 

2. Pay attention to dress details

If your dress has intricate lacework, choose a veil with similar lace accents for an ensemble suited to beach weddings. For a dress with beading, opt for a veil with subtle embroidery that echoes the dress's design to create a cohesive and harmonious bridal ensemble. 

Dark-haired woman wearing a beaded veil and fit-and-flare beaded wedding dress

3. Take into account the dress silhouette 

The silhouette of your dress should also guide your veil choice. If you have a voluminous ball gown, a longer veil can create a more dramatic effect. For a contemporary style suited to civil ceremonies, a short wedding dress with a veil in a shorter design can showcase the dress's silhouette and your figure.  

With these tips in mind, you can find the perfect veil that enhances your wedding dress and reflects your personal style. From floor-length veils that dramatically cascade to complement your opulent gown to simple yet breathtaking ones that suit your shorter dress, begin your search assured you’ll find the right one for you. 

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