How To Choose A Bridal Veil.

How To Choose A Bridal Veil.

So many veils, so many choices!

Many of us think choosing a bridal veil will be the easiest part of creating your total wedding look. But it does need some consideration.

Whatever you do, it’s best not to choose wedding veil before the dress. If you have, or if you have been stowing away a family heirloom veil for your wedding day, then bring it along to your bridal appointment so you can try it with various styles.

Also remember that it’s perfectly ok not to wear a wedding dress veil, though you would be missing out on that dramatic moment when your father (or whoever gives you away) lifts up the veil over your gorgeous face when you stand side by side with your groom. 

Even if you are having a civil wedding, a short veil or hair accessory can make a simple wedding dress look totally chic.

A Chapel Or Cathedral Length Bridal Veil 

A full-length bridal veil will suit just about any wedding dress, and for a formal wedding, they are the veils of choice. Brides who are getting married beachside may want to tone down the length, as long veils in ocean breezes can require a fair bit of managing!

A fine net with minimal embellishment is perfect for dresses that have an illusion or tattoo back, as they will still be visible underneath the veil, more so if the wedding dress veil you choose is single layer.




V LA02

An Embroidered Wedding Dress Veil

Minimalist wedding dresses are trending. Embroidery and lace-edged veils can really complement simple silhouettes and clean fabrics, creating a romantic look for the ceremony. But don’t go overboard. If your wedding dress has a tattoo back, don’t make it compete with an ornate veil.

Also consider beading, glitter, and even 3D flower finishes for your veil; romantic gestures that will make your wedding look complete.  





A Mantilla Wedding Dress Veil 

A ‘Mantilla’ is a traditional Spanish-style veil that gently frames the shoulders. They are mostly attached to the head in a gathered fashion that adds height, a look that works perfectly if you plan to style your hair in a chignon.

The new Marchesa for Pronovias collection, which was inspired by the Spanish city of Seville, features India (pictured), a gorgeous Mantilla-style train in two fine layers; the outer layer for covering your face as you make your entrance.


V LA01


Veil India

A Wedding Cape 

Although it won’t exactly do the same thing as a wedding dress veil (aka, cover your face and head) modern brides are increasingly looking at bridal capes for added coverage and volume.

Also part of the Marchesa For Pronovias collection, Gomez is a heavenly single layer cape made of butter-soft tulle, that attaches to the shoulders of your wedding dress and drapes gently over the back for a veil-like effect with a contemporary twist.

Browse the Pronovias accessories collection for more inspiration on how to create your total wedding look!


Cape Gomez


Cape Esperanza


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