Pronovias Atelier Embraces Long-Sleeve Wedding Dresses In Spectacular Fashion

by Suzanne Wales 

NOLAN - Atelier Pronovias

GRETA - Atelier Pronovias

Perfect for cool weather ceremonies, long sleeve wedding dresses are back! But they are much more than a way to keep goose bumps at bay.

Don’t think wedding dresses with sleeves need ever be dowdy; luxurious fabrics, structured shoulders and exquisite cuff details make gorgeous arms and shoulders focal points of your total wedding look.

Wedding Dresses With Romantic Sleeves 

Take the Juliette sleeve. With a slightly puffed upper arm and fitted to the cuff, it emits classic romanticism when attached to a corset bodice in rich lace applique or a svelte mermaid silhouette. Or for vintage romance, a puffball sleeve perfectly balances a ballroom skirt. 

RIDLEY - Atelier Pronovias

Frills & Fringes For Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Wrist and cuff accents make arms appear long, slender and graceful, and add a flash of movement to those once-in-lifetime wedding moments such as accepting your wedding band or raising your first glass of champagne at the reception.

COPPOLA - Atelier Pronovias

Wedding Dress Sleeves That Ruffle You Up

New technology such as laser cutting opens up a world of possibilities for aerodynamic forms and shoulder accents that create drama. Layered, wing-like ruffles in soft, semi-sheer fabrics, or butterfly and batwing sleeves that accentuate sensual shoulders and swan-like necks.

FORD - Atelier Pronovias

RIAN - Atelier Pronovias

Sleeves & Shoulders With Art Deco Chic

The sharply cut suit sleeve makes a statement in tuxedo-inspired styles that recall vintage Hollywood mystique a la Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo. Ultra-long fitted sleeves ending in tiny row buttons on the cuff emphasize a silk-cut silhouette that brims in female confidence and allure. 

WILDER - Atelier Pronovias

CAMERON - Atelier Pronovias

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