Manuela Vellés: Looking radiant at the 2024 Academy Awards with Atelier Pronovias

Manuela Vellés: Deslumbrando en los Premios Oscar 2024 con Atelier Pronovias

Los Angeles, Monday, March 11, 2024. – In a night full of stars and glamor, actress and singer Manuela Vellés made a memorable entrance to the 2024 Academy Awards. Trusting in the elegance and creativity of Atelier Pronovias, Manuela became the epitome of style in a custom design that reflects the new facets of Pronovias’ latest artistic phase.

Mujer con las manos levantadas llevando un vestido de invitada tendencia rosa largo.

The dress, carefully tailored by Atelier Pronovias, is a reinvention of the classic black dress, taking it to a heightened realm of beauty and sophistication. Inspired by the majestic waves of the Mediterranean sea, the design captures the fluid motion of the ocean, resulting in a textile masterpiece that dazzled on the red carpet.

Mujer con vestido de invitada tendencia azul con escote asimétrico y abertura en la pierna.

Made from sequined jewel fabric, each detail of the dress was meticulously crafted. The hand-cut waves were applied one by one to the corset, creating an exquisite and singular design that truly captured the essence of the sea in motion.

The handmade longuette skirt draped in pencil-style fashion along Manuela’s figure, while lines of sequins rippled over it, evoking the natural elegance of moving water. Among the waves of fabric, delicate sheer details added a hint of mystery and sensuality to the design, enhancing its enchanting allure.

Mujer con un vestido de invitada tendencia midi color vino y con lentejuelas.

This dress not only embodies Pronovias’ excellence in craftsmanship, but also its commitment to innovation and timeless beauty. On Manuela Vellés, it became a true icon at this evening dedicated to the world of film, encapsulating the very essence of elegance and the motion arts.

Mujer con un vestido de invitada tendencia midi color vino y con lentejuelas.

Photographer: Gabriele Di Martino 

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