Wedding Hair Trail: Everything You Need to Know

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Getting closer to your wedding day can be both exciting and overwhelming as you finalize the details from your wedding day planning checklist. One of the most important aspects of your preparations is ensuring your bridal look lives up to your dreams. With so many appointments to attend, one you shouldn’t skip is your makeup and wedding hair trial. Your hair and makeup can help convey the style you’ve envisioned for your special day and the trial allows you a sneak peak of the completed look. Make the most out of your appointment and know what to expect by following a few helpful tips. 

Tip #1: Finding the Right Hair and Makeup Stylist 

Starting your journey in setting up a bridal hair trial requires researching and selecting a hairstylist with expertise. Begin your search by seeking recommendations from trusted sources such as friends, family, or loved ones who were recently married and whose look you admired. Scrolling through the social media platforms of local hairstylists can also be helpful, paying close attention to styles similar to what you envision for yourself. If you already have a favorite salon, consider asking your stylist if they have experience with weddings or if they’d be willing to do a wedding hair trial with you.  

A bride from behind with a floral hairpiece in her braided dark hair, and a lace-detail wedding dress, against a palm tree backdrop.

Tip #2: Pre-trial preparations  

After you’ve found the right stylist for you, ensure you arrive ready for your bridal hair and makeup trial by preparing a few things in advance. 

Scheduling your appointment

Adhering to your bridal checklist can help you know when to schedule your hair and makeup trial for your wedding. Timing is everything, as you want to ensure enough space for another appointment if you want to make any adjustments. In general, more than a few weeks before is best. 

Gathering inspiration

Though arriving at your appointment knowing exactly what hairstyle and makeup you want for your wedding day isn’t necessary, having a general idea can help your stylist narrow down the best way to capture the look of your dreams. Coming with pictures of potential cuts and even your mood board for the special day can provide a more accurate description of what you’re hoping for. 

Preparing your hair 

Check in with your stylist before you arrive because they may have a preference on whether they prefer working with clean, dry hair or hair that hasn’t been washed in a while, which provides more grip. Talking with your stylist before helps ensure a smooth start to the process. 

Close-up of a bride's elegant updo featuring a glittering leaf-patterned hairpiece, embodying sophistication.

Tip #3: Trying out different styles

At your appointment, you can show any pictures or ideas you may have (if any), and your stylist will suggest a few different cuts that help you capture your dream look. They may provide suggestions based on the type of ceremony you’re having. Long, loose curls can add the perfect finishing touch to beach wedding attire, while a sleek, simple updo can help capture a modern style for your courthouse marriage outfit. Similarly, light makeup can better suit a ceremony in the spring or summer, while a darker lip or eyeshadow can complement your winter wedding ensemble. Remaining open to styles you may not have considered before can lead you to a stunning cut, and feedback or adjustments during the trial helps your stylist perfect it.  

Tip #4: Considering how your hair will hold up

Another factor to take into account during your wedding hair and makeup trial is how your hair will hold its shape throughout the celebrations. If you have a longer day filled with many traditions, you may want to consider a style that doesn’t require lots of touch-ups. Alternatively, if you’re planning a relatively short ceremony, you may wish for an elaborate updo you can easily take care of as you exchange your I do’s.  

A bride looks downward, showcasing a voluminous wavy hairstyle crowned with a majestic tiara, complementing her off-shoulder wedding gown.

Tip #5: Adding in your accessories

If you have a bridal headpiece or veil for your wedding day, bring your accessories to the appointment, so your stylist can test the final look. They may experiment with different updos or half-up, half-down style that best fit your wedding crown while beautifully framing your face. The stylist may even suggest certain cuts that fit your wedding veil length, tailoring your look even further for a unique ensemble that best suits you.

In the midst of seemingly endless wedding day preparations, the hair and makeup trial stands as one of the most important last appointments. Ensuring you schedule weeks before your wedding and researching your dream look can help guarantee a smooth experience. With careful planning and preparation, the wedding hair trial becomes not just a practical necessity but also a fun and exciting part of the wedding process. With our helpful suggestions in mind, you can enjoy your appointment and get a sneak peek of your final bridal look.  

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