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Give your wedding dress a second life by donating it to Brides Do Good*, where it will be resold and, of course, reloved, and help create a brighter future.

Proceeds from the resale of your dress will fund projects aimed at empowering and educating vulnerable young women, so they can choose an independent and happy future.

How does it work ?
  1. 1.

    Donate your wedding dress to your nearest Pronovias Store.

  2. 2.

    Pronovias will take care of delivering the dress to Brides Do Good for resale.

  3. 3.

    Proceeds from the resale of your dress will be invested in international non-profits aimed at empowering vulnerable young women, and ensuring they have access to the support and education they need to choose an independent future.

  4. 4.

    Pronovias will match the sale price of every dress donated, so your dress will have twice the impact.

After my wedding, it made me so sad to hang up my beautiful wedding dress forever. I’m elated that my dress will have another life and make a social impact at the same time!
This initiative to give my wedding dress a second life is a great idea. Being sustainable and helping our planet is really important to me, and Companies like Pronovias give me hope we are creating a better future.
It’s inspiring to see Pronovias, a company that is dedicated to the happiness of women, spearheading an effort to make education for young girls more accessible around the world. It’s special to be a part of that.
Donating my Pronovias dress to Brides do Good means that I empower young women by helping them gain access to education . It is so rewarding to me to be a Bride who Did Good, and I hope also for the person who will wear my dress. Thank you for supporting this cause. Share the love.
Together, we are spreading the love. Together, we do good.
Find a Pronovias store near you, and discover how you can make a difference.
Pronovias Group has chosen to partner with Brides Do Good as part of our Social Responsibility Program #HappyWorld.

Pronovias Group will match the wedding dress donations of the brides. Pronovias Group is also responsible for coordinating the donation process, maintaining the necessary quality controls while facilitating the transfer of dresses from donor to Brides Do Good in order to benefit the education and empowerment of vulnerable girls around the world.

* This initiative is available in all our stores except in the US, China, Mexico and the Canary Islands.

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