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In partnering with Brides Do Good, the Pronovias Group donated wedding gowns for them to sell, subsequently donating the revenue to the Plan International initiative for Safe Schools for Refugees in Ethiopia.

Endorsed by the European Union, this program aims to build schools in Ethiopian refugee camps, educating young girls to help them avoid marginalization and improve their future. Pronovias Group is currently working to establish a similar partnership in the United States in June 2020.


In this statement, the group firmly rejects any form of gender-based violence, approving a policy to help affected employees by offering them increased support and higher levels of protection than established by Spanish regulations. As a result of their efforts, the Ana Bella Foundation granted the Pronovias Group a prize  for setting a leading example for other Spanish corporations.


Furthermore, the group partnered with the Ared Foundation, which facilitates the reinsertion of women at risk of marginalization into the work force. In 2019, the Pronovias Group hired two women through this partnership.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash


In partnership with Epic Foundation, Pronovias Group offered brides in Pronovias and Nicole stores the opportunity to round up the price of their dress and donate the difference to the School Saheli (School Buddies) project of Indian NGO, Apnalaya.

This project creates scholarships for young girls living in the slums of Mumbai, scholarships which aim to minimize school drop outs, provide them with skills for livelihood, and ultimately delay the age of marriage. To make this charity campaign possible, our group partnered with EPIC FOUNDATION.

Photo by Nikhita S on Unsplash


On the occasion of the international day of LGTBI + pride, the group developed several commitments to foster a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment. Within those actions, Pronovias Group assessed the perception in the staff to continue raising awareness through different trainings in sexual and gender diversity, altering the Group policies to explicitly include sexual and gender diversity.


These actions were developed though a group of LGTBI+ employees and allies, who also worked to celebrate diversity in an inclusive way and to support LGTBI+ people during their self-acceptance process among other initiatives.



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