Craftsmanship and design intertwine in our Barcelona workshop, a unique creative haven where dreams are meticulously transformed into exquisite pieces of art, stitch by stitch.


The whirring of sewing machines and the snip of scissors compose the soundtrack of the fourth floor of the Pronovias building, a white murmur that embodies a workshop steeped in over half a century of tradition. It now hums with the activity of 50 individuals, predominantly women.

"Each dress is a challenge," explains one of the pattern makers. "We typically dedicate around 80 hours to pattern making and 160 hours to machine sewing per piece. And that's not including the hand embroidery, which adds to the time investment."

Indeed, crafting a collection of approximately 40 designs each season demands about 6 months of labor, fueled by a passion that carries through from inception to completion: "We pour the same level of excitement into our work as if it were our own wedding!" The result is nothing short of a masterpiece: "Every detail must be flawless: the interlinings, the flows, the volumes, the buttons..." remarks one of the seamstresses, with over 30 years of dedication to Pronovias.


In 1964, Alberto Palatchi led a pioneering group of young pattern makers and seamstresses to create the first prêt-à-porter bridal fashion collection in a small workshop located in the La Bordeta neighborhood of Barcelona.

Initially celebrated for its luxurious fabrics, the company soon embarked on an ambitious new direction. The small atelier became both the driving force behind and the heart of the enterprise, growing in tandem with its expanding collections.

Nowadays, situated in El Prat de Llobregat, just outside Barcelona, the company's legacy and savoir-faire continue to flourish, backed by a committed team of over 50 professionals. These experts are tasked with creating the exclusive Atelier Pronovias collections, guaranteeing the continuation of the brand's distinguished quality and innovation.

Atelier, where art meets love and viceversa

Atelier, where art meets love and viceversa



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