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There are many ways to find the dress of your dreams. You can ask a Wedding Stylist for help, create inspiration boards on Pinterest, see if your friends have any ideas or follow our Pronovias accounts on social media for inspiration. We recommend visiting the Pronovias website and creating an account with us so you can save the styles, silhouettes and trends you like best under your “favourites” so you can directly share with your Stylist at your Pronovias Flagship appointment. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter to stay informed about new arrivals and events.

Pronovias dresses can be ordered at over 3,000 locations all over the world, including Pronovias shops and many authorised points of sale. Visit our shop finder to find the shop nearest you and book your appointment. If you're looking for a specific dress, please don't hesitate to call and confirm availability with the selected shop ahead of your appointment.

We recommend that you make your dress fitting appointment at least 1 year out from your wedding date. To guarantee the best experience possible, we recommend ordering your dress 8 to 10 months in advance. This gives you enough time to have your dress made to measure and to do the necessary fittings and alterations that may be needed. If you've organised your wedding on short notice, we also have a selection of off-the-rack dresses you can take home on the same day.

The price range for a Pronovias wedding dress starts at £1,690. In the case of Atelier Pronovias made-to-measure haute couture dresses, the price range usually begins at £2,790. The price will also vary depending on the version and/or the alterations you wish to make to your dress. We invite you to visit or call any of our Pronovias shops or any of our authorised points of sale and we’ll be happy to help you and confirm prices of dresses you're interested in.

We believe that the search for the dress of your dreams should be an unforgettable experience, accompanied by the expert advice of our stylists. For this reason, we don’t offer the option of buying wedding dresses online.


Pronovias has a fantastic design team with extensive experience in Bridal and Haute Couture dresses. In the Atelier, they’re constantly working towards innovation—not only through elegant and timeless silhouettes, but also by researching new fabrics, protecting the tradition and know-how of the house's pattern-making, but with a vision of continuous renewal in all collections.

  • Pronovias Atelier It’s the haute couture collection, with innovative designs made in our Atelier in Barcelona, Spain. The dresses are handmade with artisanal and high-quality fabrics and materials. Designing and making an Atelier dress takes between 100 and 300 hours.
  • Pronovias Privée This is a collection with tight volumes, complex embroidery and extraordinary trains, which is perfect for all types of brides who want to feel like a princess on their special day: for both modern princesses, as well as the most romantic and glamorous ones.
  • Pronovias This is the collection that most defines our brand, with a variety of dresses for all brides: those looking for the elegance of clean lines, as in the "breathtaking minimalist" collection, or those looking for dresses with embroidered fabrics like the ones in our "glamorous laces," to other collections that are more romantic and feature more oversized volumes, as in the "dramatic ball gowns," "ethereal romance” and "stylish classics" collections, and many more.
  • Pronovias’ The Party Edit Chic and glamorous dresses for any special occasion in a woman's life, day or night.
  • Marchesa Notte This evening wear collection offers something stunning for every silhouette or celebration. Showcasing exquisite cuts and luxurious fabrics, the designs are crafted for beauty, confidence and comfort.

Pronovias follows the strictest quality standards, for which it has a top expert technical team that carries out exhaustive quality controls on each and every dress before it’s sent to the shops. During this process, they ensure that each dress is perfect and complies with the exact measurements provided.


Pronovias has over 100 years of experience dressing the dreams of stylish women all over the world. In our beautiful shops, you’ll receive advice from the best bridal stylists in the country. They’ll help you find the dress of your dreams. Once you’ve found your ideal style, our team of seamstresses will take your measurements to ensure a perfect fit and that your dress is ready for your special day.

Of course! We recommend that you come with a maximum of 3 guests to your first appointment, so they can help you in selecting your dream dress. In the case of fittings, you can have up to 3 guests. In the appointment confirmation email, you will receive information and recommendations for when you visit us.

For information about your appointment, contact the shop directly. You can find the contact information here.

Check the opening hours in our shops section or in the Google shop profiles.


Our doors are always open to you: For personalised advice, we suggest booking an appointment to turn the search for the dress of your dreams into a wonderful and unforgettable experience. You can easily make an appointment through our website or by calling the shop directly for availability.

After booking your appointment in one of our shops, a stylist will contact you by phone, email or WhatsApp to find out your preferences and what styles inspire you. The appointment lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. When you arrive, and according to your conversations, your stylist will present you with a preselection of styles ready for you to try on. Once the dress is selected, a seamstress will take your measurements to order your dress.

Shop appointments last between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the day of the week and the selected shop.

Pronovias Shops: If you've booked your appointment at one of our flagship shops, you can cancel or change it via the link in the confirmation email you receive when booking. If you need support, our bridal support team can help you reschedule your appointment. Contact us via web chat and/or contact form.
If you’ve been charged a booking fee for your appointment, for a full refund, please cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours in advance using the link in your confirmation email.

Partner shops: If you've booked your appointment at one of our authorised dealers, you’ll receive a confirmation of your request by email. Our authorised dealer will contact you directly to confirm the date and time of your appointment to make it official. If you do not hear from them within 24 hours of booking, please contact the shop you requested to book with directly. The contact information is also included in your request email. You can find more shop details here.

Once you've booked your appointment, we invite you to go to your account to start creating your favourites board by selecting your top styles. Your consultant will have access to this information and will prepare for your appointment accordingly, pulling what gowns are available from the selection in-store. During the appointment, we’ll have time to try on 5-7 dresses; it all depends on how the appointment goes and your preferences. Dress selection is a process, so we're always happy to show more silhouettes at future appointments if you feel you need more time in finding the one.

During your first appointment, you’ll try on sample dresses. Samples are typically bridal size 10, with a selection of other sizes based on the shop availability. Your stylist can confirm ahead of time, based on your sizing needs. Once you find the dress of your dreams, we’ll take your measurements and order your dress. Your bridal stylist will fit the dress to give you an idea of whether it suits your figure. Once you've made your decision, measurements are taken so your dress is customised and has a perfect fit.

Every bride has the right to feel and look beautiful, whatever her body shape! All of our dresses are made to measure and are available to order your final gown, from Spanish sizes 30 to 58. / U.K.: 2 to 30.

Once you've ordered your dress, in your contract we’ll set the approximate dates for the first fittings should you opt to complete alterations with us for an additional cost outside of the gown purchase. We’ll contact you via SMS or email to confirm the date and time of your first fitting as a reminder. During these fittings, our team of expert seamstresses will work to adjust the dress to your figure and measurements. You’ll then have a second fitting, the final fitting, to ensure that everything is perfect before your pickup date. All Pronovias shops have an in-house workshop, which facilitates the management of the alterations and supervision of the process by the Pronovias in-house team with full knowledge of the product and process. Please remember to bring your chosen event day shoes, and any undergarments you plan to wear, to all of your fittings as this is key for the alterations.

You can customise some Pronovias and Atelier Pronovias dresses based on available pre-selected options. Your stylist will advise you and recommend customisations that can be made. Popular adaptations include adapting the length of the train, variations in the shape and/or depth of the neckline, the length of the sleeves, removing the sleeves or choosing a different colour.


Once you've ordered your dress, the fitting process begins and includes at minimum 2 sessions. The cost of alterations is not included in the price of the dress. Don’t hesitate to discuss this with your bridal stylist before purchasing.

Store your dress carefully in your Pronovias garment bag.

If you’re flying, make sure your dress complies with the airline's cabin transport requirements. Check in advance that you’ll have enough space to store your dress.

Currently, the Pronovias Flagship Shops don’t offer this service. Please check if your nearest authorised dealer offers this service.


All our dresses and accessories include an inside label with instructions for dry cleaning and care recommendations. Please follow them carefully. As these garments are made with delicate fabrics and finishes, we recommend you use the services of specialised dry cleaners.

You can give your wedding dress a second life by donating it to a Pronovias Flagship shop. Read more about our partnership with the “Brides do good” organisation, or you can donate directly to our Non-profit partners at Brides For A Cause

If you would like to share photos of your wedding day with potential in being featured on our social channels, please fill in the following form.

You can also share your photos on social media using the hashtags:

If you would also like to share your experience in our boutiques, you can leave a review on Google for the location where you bought your dress.


In our shops, we offer 3 easy and convenient payment terms:

  1. 70% of the total price on the day you order your dress.
  2. 20% on the day of your first fitting.
  3. 10% on the day you pick up your dress.

Yes, we collaborate with AFFIRM to make it even easier to buy the dress of your dreams. Check here for all the information.

The Party Edit accessories and dresses, including alteration costs, must be paid for on the day of purchase, in full.

  • Payment in cash (available at all shops)
  • Payment by card (available at all shops)
  • Bank transfer (available at all shops)
  • Payment by link via the Adyen payment gateway (available at all shops)


In addition to this FAQ section, you can contact us at Contact us | Pronovias.


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