What is the Best Colour for Bridesmaids Dresses

Brunette wearing a sequin fit and flare party dress with crew neckline and leaf earrings, lying on her side

You have your dream bridal ensemble and wedding dress all figured out, but what are the best bridesmaid dress colours to complement your desired wedding aesthetic? When planning your bridesmaid colours, every choice should be thought about in thorough detail, so you can exclusively curate and tailor the colour scheme to your wedding vision.  

There can be many influences that can help choose the colours for bridesmaid's dresses, from what season is the wedding taking place in? What is your decor like? Is your theme grandiose and royal, or more refined and pulled back?  

Discover our expert advice below, where we have listed the most popular bridesmaid dress colours to help you choose the perfect palette for your bridesmaid dresses.  

Purple bridesmaid dresses for winter weddings  

If you desire a luxurious and opulent look for your band of bridesmaids, purple bridesmaid dresses are an excellent choice due to this style being excellent for showcasing the natural beauty of your bridesmaids.  

Being able to complement various skin tones, purple is an outstanding colour for weddings taking place during the winter time, when the trees are bare and there is that magical feeling in the air. Warm winter bridesmaid colours in shades of dark green or purple bring a sense of life to landscapes and backdrops that are barren from the seasonal chill, making them a perfect candidate to stand out from the crowd and are guaranteed to look breathtaking in group wedding photos that will last a lifetime.  

Navy bridesmaid dresses for versatile glamour  

Navy bridesmaid dresses exude a timeless quality that is both deep and rich, suitable for showcasing the unique personalities and elegance of your bridesmaids. For a very diverse group of bridesmaids, colourful bridesmaid dresses in a luxurious navy shade will flatter everyone due to their versatility as they effortlessly work with various silhouettes such as the classic A-line style. 

Woman wearing a navy A-line party dress with V-neck, three-quarter sleeves and intricate detailing

If your chosen colour scheme for your special day centres around a chic gold colour palette, a navy selection of gowns will look absolutely stunning as these two colours complement each other beautifully. If you are also planning to have your wedding during the deep winter season, this contemporary palette of colours will work wonderfully in your favour, making your decor pieces and the general aesthetic of the venue and reception pop.  

For those who have the honour of being the mother of the bride or groom and are searching for a rich and deep-toned gown, browse our selection of mother-of-the-bride or groom dresses and select your favourite.  

Dusty pink bridesmaid dresses for spring  

Ideal for the transition between spring and summer, dusty pink bridesmaid dresses have a subtle elegant feminine quality about them with their muted hue. Typically, spring bridesmaid dress colours focus more on a subtle vibrancy to match the theme of new beginnings with new flowers blooming, cute baby animals being born and happy couples finally finding their one true love.  

Add a touch of originality to the happiest day of your life taking place during spring by selecting different colour bridesmaid dresses, all taking inspiration from the free-spirited nature of the season. This is also a great choice for highlighting your bridesmaid's unique qualities and features with a shade that works beautifully for their complexion, shape and overall aesthetic.  

Woman wearing pink A-line party dress with V-neck and a pair of sunglasses, standing outside near a beach

Soft grey bridesmaid dresses for summer weddings 

Planning a destination wedding or simply love the idea of your nuptials taking place during the busy summer wedding season? Summer bridesmaid colours should be catered around what is both practical and fashionable to ensure your dear bridesmaid party feels cool, comfortable and most importantly, stylish.  

The best advice when it comes to gathering bridesmaid colour ideas is to try to stay away from darker colours that can trap heat, and instead lean towards lighter and cool tones and shades such as soft grey. Grey bridesmaid dresses elegantly complement your wedding dress, if you have chosen a traditional and chic white gown, and the subtle shade difference will make you stand out from the beautiful crowd while not being too polarising.  

Woman wearing a mermaid knit party dress with asymmetrical neckline, posing against a grey background

If you happen to be simply attending a summer wedding and aren’t a part of the bridal party this time, a cool-toned mermaid cocktail dress is an ideal option for showcasing your glamorous silhouette and feminine curves.  

Teal bridesmaid dresses for autumn weddings  

Orange leaves gracefully fall from the trees, that slight chill creeping in and a smoky ambience in the air. Autumn is one of the most romantic times to get married due to all of these factors and more. Either an outdoor ceremony or reception pairs well with this season and can make for great photos. Fitting in perfectly within this ethereal aesthetic and broad palette of colours, teal bridesmaid dresses will be a stunning choice for a bridal party as they complement those autumn days when there are still light blue skies lingering above the withering treetops.  

Autumn colour bridesmaid dresses that have deep burgundies, burnt oranges or a sky-like teal are a popular choice among autumnal brides and can create some beautiful contrast. For brides in touch with nature, choose to put your bridesmaids in different colours that all resemble and pay homage to the season.  

Whether you are a part of the bridal party, the bride herself or are simply a guest attending a future wedding, discover our full collection of wedding guest dresses and cocktail dresses for a refined and elegant style. 

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