Safe Journey of Your Dress [EN]

All Pronovias Group dresses are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards.
Once each product is made, a Quality Control expert performs the first sanitization process, using a high-temperature hand steamer.
Our expert team then checks again for any minor defects, touching the dress with clean gloves.
They then place the dress on its hanger, performing a 15-20 second steam vaporizing treatment using temperatures from 110Cº to 160Cº, depending on the fabric.
After this second treatment, an automated process packs the dress in a sanitized sheath and a garment cover, ensuring no further human contact before sending to stores.
Each dress, pins, hanger and accessory undergoes a rigorous sanitation process after each try-on. Your dress will also be sanitized after any alteration and kept in special covers.
We deliver your dream dress to you in a special sealed bag – so that it’s perfect for your big day!

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