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The day has finally come, and it is time to start getting together your wedding planning checklist, ensuring every last detail is ticked off. Start by getting a rough idea of how you want your special day to look like by mentioning it to friends and family, taking engagement photos, talking budgets and dates while pulling together a list of whom to invite. To keep track of everything wedding related, consider making a separate e-mail account exclusively dedicated for communications about the wedding as well as keeping track of expenses, bookings and the little details in an excel document.  

Below, we have discussed a variety of wedding planning tips to help ease you into the journey of planning the event of a lifetime.

How long does it take to plan a wedding? 

Depending on how elaborate you wish your wedding to be, it can take up to 12-18 months to tick everything off your checklist when planning a wedding. That entails all the usual requirements from figuring out dates, crafting a guest list, booking a venue and finalizing your catering or menu. However, for a magical wedding taking place during the wedding season of summer to early autumn, you may have to wait a little longer due to many venues and catering companies being booked far in advance with limited availability. Start researching early to avoid disappointment and be sure to make enquiries at a range of venues to explore the settings for your ceremony and reception.  

The best part about your wedding planning checklist is sampling the catering! Curate the perfect menu by browsing a broad variety of companies offering different cuisines to make your menu stand out from the crowd and will leave guests talking about the food at your reception for months to come. No matter where you are on your timeline of wedding planning, be sure to remember to not get too stressed out about the details and focus on having much fun as possible with your partner, family and bridal party when ticking off your checklist. 

How to start planning a wedding? 

For brides-to-be, the most important thing to get ahead of on your wedding planning timeline is finding the dress of your dreams. We recommend starting searching at least 6 months in advance, so you have time to gather ideas, shop around and get your dress altered to ensure the gown you choose is right for you. A great place to seek inspiration from is social media - start following bridal influencers, blogs and publications to get a rough idea of what you want from a wedding dress making your search narrower. Get creative and let your imagination run wild by making wedding mood boards with a range of different styles, silhouettes and details for your ideal gown.  

When selecting your wedding gown, you are spoilt for choice on silhouettes and no matter your figure, you are destined to feel like a fairytale princess on your special day. If you are searching for a more dramatic look, our princess bridal dresses and a-line wedding dresses are a perfect choice, or for a choice designed to showcase your curves, select a sheath or column silhouette. For a combination that hugs your figure at the top and has an elegant flare at the bottom, try a timeless mermaid silhouette.

Book an appointment with one of our expert bridal consultants for a practical and personal experience - a perfect way to start your wedding planning journey. 

Elegant wedding bands and jewellery

When going through your wedding planning lists, another big part is to find the perfect pair of rings to finalize your nuptials after declaring your vows to one another. You should decide on wedding bands that suit you and your partners' style, while considering the durability and wearability of the ring. When searching for wedding bands, be on the lookout for pieces of jewellery you could tie into your wedding attire such as delicate earrings to an elegant bracelet or necklace.  

Another important factor to consider when going through your wedding planning guide is the little details of bridal accessories for your special day. Once you have your dress, hairstyle and makeup finalized, find the perfect accessories to complement you and your gown. If you desire an extra touch of luxury in your hair, try a timeless hair clip or floral headpiece, ideal for weddings happening during the springtime. However, if you have everything planned but feel you are missing one final accessory, add a touch of tradition to your wedding and complete your dream wedding attire with a rich embroidered veil to leave your guests stunned when walking down the aisle.  

Make memories that will last a lifetime and be sure to not miss all the opulent and intricate details when gathering your wedding plan ideas together. No matter how far you are along in your planning, be sure to savour every last moment of your journey by taking as many venue tours, sampling as many caterers and choosing the perfect gown and getting it tailored to your figure to stand out from the crowd with your undeniable bridal glow.

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