Brides for a Cause


Give your wedding dress a second life by donating it to Brides for a Cause*, where it will be resold and, of course, reloved to help create a brighter future. Proceeds from the resale of your dress will support a variety of local and national women-focused charities across the US.

Pronovias will match the wedding dress donations of the brides, so your donation will have twice the impact. Pronovias Group partners with Brides for a Cause, a charitable organization, to launch #MyDressxHerFuture as part of Pronovias Group's Social Responsibility Program #HappyWorld.

How does it work ?
  1. 1.

    Fill Out Donation Form

    • Download and complete this DONATION FORM.

    • Include it with your donation!

  2. 2.

    Value It

    • Donations are tax-deductible! Please talk to a tax professional to determine the value of your donation.

    • Include it with your donation!

  3. 3.

    Pack It

    • Please pack your wedding dress in the smallest box possible.

  4. 4.

    Mail It Or Drop Off In-Store

    Shipping Address:

    Brides for a Cause
    2505 SE 11th Ave, Suite 120
    Portland, OR 97202

    ***All locations accept donations via mail or in-person! Donations may be dropped off in-person anytime during store hours or mailed directly to the address above.

Together, we are spreading the love. Together, we do good.
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*This initiative is available for all our US brides.

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