How To Achieve A Princess Bridal Look


Finding the perfect bridal dress is one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of planning an extravagant wedding celebration. For brides dreaming of a fairy-tale experience, an elegant princess-inspired look is a classic choice that stands out. Princess wedding ensembles have been around for centuries. Back then, this signature silhouette featuring a full, voluminous skirt and tight, fitted bodice was achieved with heavy ruffled layering and boning – even using real bones! Nowadays, modern gowns utilise lighter fabrics along with improved tailoring techniques to create volume and drama without the weight, which lets you breathe and move freely. Today we’ll discuss how you can achieve a regal bridal look by taking inspiration from royal aesthetics and once-in-a-lifetime royal weddings. 

Vintage styles 

If you want to achieve timeless elegance and fairy-tale romance on your wedding day, vintage-inspired bridal outfits are the perfect option. Vintage styles are inspired from fashion of the past, including a few key influences from the 1920s to 1950s. This means it may be worth exploring a variety of old Hollywood style wedding gowns to infuse romantic nostalgia into your ensemble. These dresses are often worn at formal ceremonies and classic venues like ballrooms and historic hotels. They’re a great choice, if you want to feel like a princess on your special day. 

Retro wedding look for timeless beauty 

Among the most iconic styles within the realm of vintage-inspired wedding looks is the ball gown bridal gown. With its voluminous skirt and fitted bodice, this silhouette exudes a sense of regal elegance and timeless beauty. Ball gown silhouettes pair exceptionally well with luxe fabrics like satin, tulle and delicate lace overlays. Opting for a vintage wedding look will allow you to make a bold statement as you walk down the aisle for a touch of luxury and grandeur, that is sure to leave a lasting impression.  

Brunette wearing a princess-cut glitter wedding gown with V-neck, leaning against a column in a ballroom

Royal aesthetic with lace details 

The allure of regal attire, with its intricate details and majestic presence, continues to captivate audiences worldwide. It's a reminder of the enduring fascination with the grandeur and sophistication of royal style. A princess wedding dress provides the drama and flare many princess brides seek. Make sure to explore our curated selection of lace bridal gowns, bringing a delicate texture and vintage charm to any style, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to feel like royalty. This fabric features intricate patterns for a hint of sensual sophistication, whether you want to opt for a simple design or a more elaborate style. Feeling like a fairytale bride means embracing the spirit of romance, extravagance, and classic charm on the most important day of your life. 

Brunette wearing a mermaid wedding gown with long sleeves and sweetheart neckline, with her hands on her hips, standing outside

Modern-inspired styles 

If you’re looking for a contemporary look on your special day, modern inspired styles should be your go-to option. These dresses feature minimalist silhouettes and clean lines to create a refined aesthetic. What is more, they are often made with luxurious fabrics like crepe, satin, or Mikado that drape tastefully. Brides who appreciate avant-garde fashion and want to feel chic, elegant, and unique are normally drawn to these designs. There are various regal-style wedding dresses you may want to explore, allowing you to embrace the latest bridal fashion trends. 

Long sleeve options for a royal effect 

A royal look for a bride often features long sleeves, intricate lace detailing, and a graceful silhouette that is a symbol of modern royalty. As a result, your gown will not only resonate with your own personality but can also pay respect to royal tradition. If you’re looking to achieve this effect, opting for the extended coverage of a long-sleeve wedding gown offers an alluring balance of modesty and romance, keeping you warm and cosy during winter weddings. 

Woman wearing a mermaid wedding dress with lace embroidery and long sleeves, standing near a staircase

Simple designs with regal flair 

An unadorned bridal gown with long sleeves and a boat neck can be another great choice. A timeless yet contemporary bridal ensemble could include a beautiful modern dress with a touch of understated elegance. Paired with a simple lace-edged veil, your bridal ensemble will be all about refined simplicity. If you’re looking to capture this type of royal wedding design, you can count on the appeal of a modern wedding dress to showcase your unique sense of style. 

Choosing bridal accessories 

For many brides, their gown is not complete without the right accents and embellishments that perfectly capture their personal style. Bridal headpieces like tiaras and hairpins add a bit of sparkle and romance to our wedding dresses that make you feel like a princess. In addition, detachable sleeves transform strapless styles, while jewelled overskirts create a glamorous two-in-one look. Explore our full collection of bridal accessories and express your unique style, whether opting for a classic veil to complement a traditional gown or incorporating modern twists with statement earrings or bracelets.  

These diverse styles, from ball gowns to modern minimalism, have set wedding fashion trends for generations. They can serve as inspiration for brides-to-be, encouraging them to curate the perfect bridal look. It’s important to envision how different designs and silhouettes will complement your overall vision and venue. Make sure you browse a wide array of bridal gowns and select the one that captures your unique princess taste. 

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