María & Iñaki


Like many people, I started imagining my wedding day when I was very young. I dreamed of my white dress, of my father walking me down the aisle, and of the best man in the world waiting for me at the alter. I never thought that this happy occasion would be so difficult.

The greatest challenges came in last month before the wedding, and the doubts that we had in the final weeks. ‘They can’t come either – shall we postpone’? went our conversations. But all that was erased during the deliriously happy final countdown. Blessed is the day we decided to not change our plans and go ahead with our wedding!


Both me and my (now) husband remember watching the news five months before our wedding. He turned to me and said, “Whatever happens, I want to marry you on September 26, 2020.” We didn’t care if it would only be us, with our parents and siblings. “It’s about you and me,” he said again and again during the following months. “We are going ahead because this is about our love for each other.”

Our relationship had always had its challenges. For years, we were separated by distance. We crossed the Mediterranean to save our relationship, and jumped over the Cantabrian Sea so we could be together and take a chance on love. Love never waits. Neither does life.


We idealize weddings so much that we forget why they are important, their real meaning. A wedding is the ultimate celebration of love. I don’t think there is anything more true or authentic than celebrating a wedding during the time of pandemic, against all the odds, to prove that love really does conquer all.
Bests, María




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