Party Dresses

Are you invited to an event and you still don't have the perfect dress? Do not worry, among our cocktail dresses you will find yours. They are elegant and sophisticated designs, with different lengths, shapes and ornaments. They are all designed to enhance your figure and your beauty on that special day. We have created a wide selection of these dresses, so that any woman in the world can find the one that best suits and fits her and represents her taste and personality.

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  1. TR STYLE 209

    TR STYLE 209
  2. TM STYLE 235

    TM STYLE 235
  3. TM STYLE 234

    TM STYLE 234
  4. TE STYLE 231

    TE STYLE 231
  5. TE STYLE 230

    TE STYLE 230
  6. TE STYLE 159

    TE STYLE 159
  7. TE STYLE 157

    TE STYLE 157
  8. TD STYLE 238

    TD STYLE 238
  9. TD STYLE 235

    TD STYLE 235
  10. TD STYLE 234

    TD STYLE 234
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Among this selection you will find short formal dresses and dresses in different fabrics and colors, such as blue cocktail dresses. If you want to look spectacular on that special day, let us help you, because we have everything you need: tailoring, unique accessories and garments, and the experience and satisfaction of our clients. We love taking care of the image of all the women in the world not only on their wedding day, but also on any special occasion they have.

Do you want to be one of them? You just need to check out our cocktail dresses, choose the one you like best and find your nearest Pronovias boutique. Ask for an appointment and come see us. Once there you can try all the designs and accessories you like, so you can find the perfect set, the one with which you will feel more beautiful than ever. We will help you in everything you need, advising you on what best fits your taste, your style and your figure, so that the dress will fit you like a glove to a hand. Come and let us do the rest. We are waiting for you!


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