Lace Dresses

Lace is a fabric that has always been related to elegant, distinguished and sophisticated occasions. It also adds the perfect romantic touch. In Pronovias we are experts in dressing women from all over the world for their unique moments, always making them look perfect on their special day. In this section of lace cocktail dresses we offer a great diversity of designs and styles for you to choose what your ideal look will be for the wedding, party or special event you have.

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  1. ATOL STYLE 236


    ATOL STYLE 236

    Special Price $550.00

    Regular Price $790.00

  2. ATOL STYLE 234

    In-store soon

    ATOL STYLE 234

  3. ATOL STYLE 219


    ATOL STYLE 219

    Special Price $680.00

    Regular Price $975.00

  4. ATOL STYLE 217


    ATOL STYLE 217

    Special Price $570.00

    Regular Price $815.00

  5. ATOL STYLE 216

    ATOL STYLE 216

  6. ATOL STYLE 214


    ATOL STYLE 214

    Special Price $700.00

    Regular Price $995.00

  7. ATOL STYLE 213


    ATOL STYLE 213

    Special Price $600.00

    Regular Price $850.00

  8. ATOL STYLE 116


    ATOL STYLE 116

    Special Price $490.00

    Regular Price $820.00

  9. ATOL STYLE 115

    ATOL STYLE 115

  10. ATOL STYLE 114

    ATOL STYLE 114

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In Pronovias we combine lace with top quality fabrics, and integrate it as an element in many other dress styles, such as tulle cocktail dresses, a simply masterful combination. Among our collections, we also offer you chiffon cocktail dresses, another design that combined with lace, becomes a unique and exclusive garment. Our original and elegant colors become the final touch on the design of our lace cocktail dresses.

With our dresses you will not go unnoticed and you will radiate elegance and sophistication wherever you go. Let Pronovias dress you for that special day while we treat and care for you like you deserve. Our decades of experience support us. Do you know how easy it would be for you to enjoy all of these treats? You can just choose your ideal dress from our website! Then, you find your nearest Pronovias boutique and make an appointment to try it on. We are waiting for you!


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