Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses have always been a symbol of glamor and sophistication. They have been chosen by the best dressed women around the world, such as queens and other celebrities. Would you like to wear one at your next celebration, party or important event? In our extensive collection you can find the dress that fits best your taste, your figure and your requirements. It will fit you like a glove to a hand and will adapt perfectly to the most special of occasions.

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No matter what style or fabric you like, our collection of sheath dresses suits all tastes. We have sheath dress but also strapless cocktail dresses so that you can show one of the most sensual areas of your body: your beautiful shoulders. The wide range of colors to choose from is also a determining factor when deciding on one of our sheath dresses. In Pronovias we have been accompanying women for all sorts of special events and celebrations for decades. We understand your taste and your needs and we can adapt to them completely. Having a wide collection of dresses for every special moment is one of our best assets. Among them we can highlight our strap cocktail dresses, as well as our mermaid dresses and our princess dresses… with us you will always find your perfect look!

Feel free to stop by in one of our boutiques to try them on. How can you do it? All it takes is for you to take a look on our website at the collection of sheath dresses that we have prepared thinking especially about you and then choose the design you like best. Then, you can find your nearest Pronovias boutique and make an appointment with us. We will be waiting for you with our arms open to help you and advise you on everything you need, just as you like and deserve!


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