How to Choose Shoes to Wear with your Wedding Dress

Woman wearing silver bridal heels with a strap across the front and a wedding dress with a slit.

Dark-haired woman wearing a princess wedding dress with a slit and white bridal heels.

After finding the bridal gown of your dreams, one of the next big purchases is selecting the perfect pair of shoes. Picking out shoes for wedding dresses can be a challenge at the best of times, which is why you should never leave it to the last minute. Style is a big consideration, of course, but so is comfort. Remember, you will be wearing your wedding heels for at least 15 hours straight! 

With a few helpful guidelines on how to begin wedding shoe shopping, you can start gathering ideas on which pair would be best for you. 

General tips on selecting shoes for wedding dresses

Starting your shoe shopping with some guidelines can help you narrow down which style is right for you. As a general rule of thumb, we don’t recommend shopping for wedding shoes online. It’s fine to search for style inspiration from the bridal section on shoe retailers’ websites, but it is best to try them on in person. If the retailer offers free delivery and returns, you could order several items and try them on at home with your wedding dress on to make sure they cover all bases. 

With that in mind, begin browsing through the website once you’ve narrowed down a few aspects: 


Make sure your heels work with the height of your gown and suit your preferences. If you’re wearing a short wedding dress, selecting a taller pair that elongates your legs can help you achieve a sleek profile. In terms of comfort, choose lower, kitten heels (ballerina flats are fine too) for those who aren’t used to higher heels. If your shoes feature jewels and adornments, check to ensure they won’t catch the hemline of your dress. Alternatively, for brides who wish to wear more height during the ceremony, consider changing into a different pair of shoes afterward to dance in optimal comfort.


The material of dress shoes for weddings can also affect the overall appearance. For brides who prefer a subtle shine, consider satin for a contemporary finish. Alternatively, lace can elegantly capture the atmosphere of your day with romantic floral detailing.

Dark-haired woman wearing a lace wedding dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves


Though the classic pair of bridal heels is traditionally white, nude, champagne, ivory, and even light blue tones can lift your wedding dress. For brides searching for a unique final detail, consider selecting a pair in a vibrant hue for a personalized finishing touch. 

Time of year

Adhering to the season is also something to consider. Ensure optimal warmth by selecting winter wedding shoes with a closed toe to prevent discomfort when arriving at the venue. For summer weddings, consider a sandals with wedding dress look for enhanced breathability.

With these in mind, you can begin browsing for bridal shoes to find the right pair for you. To help narrow down the search even further, explore below for our pick of the perfect wedding dress-bridal shoe pairings. 

Simple wedding shoes for minimalist brides

Capture your elegant yet simple style and complement your minimalist wedding dress with open-toed heels complete with subtle lace detailing. The design adds a delicate final detail to your bridal look without overpowering your minimalist gown. 

For those who prefer a modern twist, consider instead a block heels with silver trims on the instep and sole. 

Woman with dark hair wearing a short wedding dress and white bridal high heels

Lace wedding shoes for a bohemian look

Vintage wedding gowns are trending! But they need careful consideration to create a coherent, all-over look. Retro-style shoes can look amazing with flowy, boho wedding dresses. Consider selecting a pair with a high platform and block heel for a 1970s feel that pairs well with a bell-sleeved gown. 

Jeweled shoes for glamorous wedding attire

Showcase your opulent style on your special day by coordinating elegant bridal court shoes with rhinestones on the cap with your sparkly wedding dress. The glittered detailing gracefully captures your glamorous taste while beautifully highlighting the luxurious design of your gown. 

Colored wedding shoes for a personalized look

Add a personalized touch to your bridal attire by selecting a pair of colorful shoes to wear with your wedding dress. By selecting a vibrant hue, the heels capture your artistic side by gently contrasting against the white gown. Alternatively, select a shade that matches your ceremony's theme to create a picture-perfect photo opportunity.  

With many options to choose from, knowing what shoes to wear with wedding dresses can depend on your personal preferences. Knowing some helpful tips like the best height, material, and overall look for you can guide you even closer to uncovering the perfect pair for your special day. 

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