Transform Your Wedding Look With a 2 in 1 Wedding Dress

Brunette wearing a strapless bridal gown with a delicate wedding cape, gazing down at her outfit

Selecting the wedding dress of your dreams is already hard enough, especially when you are finding gowns that don’t have that one final detail such as sleeves or an ethereal train. Don’t compromise your bridal style and make a statement when walking down the aisle or during your first dance with a 2 in 1 wedding dress with essential accessories. Here’s a list of detachable wedding add-ons designed to provide you with extra weight, volume and warmth when you need them most.  

 What is a 2 in 1 wedding dress?  

A convertible wedding dress is designed to provide a refined style where you can choose from wearing a detachable cape, overskirt, sleeves or a train that all can be easily removed for an effortless wedding day transformation. Create memories that will last a lifetime on your wedding day with a 2 in 1 wedding dress, offering you a flexible and versatile style for your vows at the altar and celebrating at the reception.  Leave your friends, family, guests and partner mesmerized on your special day by browsing our complete selection of wedding dresses that you can easily customise with accessories for a look that cannot be replicated.  

Detachable bridal sleeves for extra elegance and warmth 

Whether you are having a wedding taking place during the hotter or colder months, our selection of elegant convertible 2 in 1 wedding dresses are the perfect choice for you. For weddings taking place during the spring season with unpredictable weather patterns, opt to wear a wedding dress with removable sleeves whenever you desire a touch of extra warmth, whether that be during your ceremony or during the festivities with friends and family. However, wearing a pair of glamorous detachable sleeves for wedding dresses are also ideal if you plan to have your nuptials take place outdoors and then have a party later at a venue indoors, or vice versa.  

Wedding dress with detachable skirt for various silhouettes

If you have already found the dress of your dreams but simply wish to have a more voluminous skirt, have a look at our detachable skirt wedding dresses. Crafted by skilled artisans using soft high-quality fabrics, our wedding dresses with removable skirts are the ideal accessory for creating a contemporary ballroom silhouette, transforming you into a fairytale bride. Showcase your bridal glow and figure on the dance floor by efficiently detaching your graceful overskirt, giving you the flexible freedom to have your magical first dance with the love of your life. If you can’t decide on what silhouette suits your figure better, our wedding dresses with detachable skirts combine two styles into one, as it allows you to showcase a mermaid, A-line or princess outline and then you can switch to a more fitted style at any point in the day.  

Woman wearing an elegant sleeveless princess wedding gown posing against a vibrant red backdrop

Grace your shoulders with an elegant wedding cape  

Choosing to wear a detachable cape wedding dress on your big day exudes a modern type of elegance, as it is an alternative accessory to a veil and is worn around the shoulders and looks flawless when draped around your neck and arms. Made with sheer and luxurious fabrics, our chic wedding capes are designed to offer your bridal ensemble a touch of subtle style that doesn’t take away focus from your dress and can be taken off with ease, as opposed to a traditional veil which can be more delicate when clipped into your hair. For brides getting married in a sleeveless gown, opt to wear a bridal cape for an extravagant statement accessory that gracefully covers your arms. 

Woman wearing a bridal gown with lace and flowers, along with a detachable wedding dress train

Voluminous and detachable wedding dress trains  

Bestow themes of royalty onto your wedding day by selecting to pair your gown with a regal and sophisticated train. Walk down the aisle in style with a voluminous and ethereal wedding train that flows behind you. A detachable wedding dress train is simply clipped onto the lower back of your dress and is a beautiful addition designed to enhance your derrière and flatteringly accentuate your waistline while adding a touch of drama to your wedding photos. If you prefer to keep your face and hair uncovered when making your way to the altar, a bridal train is an accessory for you and can be removed with ease, so you can enjoy the festivities of the day with freedom of movement.  

Be sure you are walking down the aisle and celebrating at night with the multiway bridal dress of your dreams you have curated to your specific needs and tastes. Combine your bridal ensemble with the necessary accessories to make your wedding look that extra special. No matter what style you prefer, Pronovias’ collection of bridal accessories featuring removable sleeves, capes, trains and overskirts are perfect for adding a subtle touch of extravagance to your wedding day.  

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