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  1. Pronovias Bride | Miriam & Fabian

    Pronovias Bride | Miriam & Fabian

    We were supposed to get married at a very nice, luxurious hotel with a lot of dreamy decorations, but we had to cancel everything one week before the wedding because of the new restrictions imposed.

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  2. Pronovias Bride | Hayley & Brandom

    Pronovias Bride | Hayley & Brandom

    Brandon and I came together regularly to remind ourselves what is most important, and what it meant to become husband and wife, to start our next chapter after 10 years together.

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  3. Pronovias Bride | María & Iñaki

    Pronovias Bride | María & Iñaki

    Like many people, I started imagining my wedding day when I was very young. I dreamed of my white dress, of my father walking me down the aisle, and of the best man in the world waiting for me at the alter. I never thought that this happy occasion would be so difficult.

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  4. Pronovias Bride | Brittanee & Simeon

    Pronovias Bride | Brittanee & Simeon

    After having to cancel our venue and caterer we spent months of not knowing what our wedding day would be like, but we knew giving up was not an option.

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  5. Pronovias Bride | Amaia & Iker

    Pronovias Bride | Amaia & Iker

    It started off so well. Up until March 2020, when the pandemic hit, we had already been organizing our wedding for a year. We had happily marked off each day on the calendar until the big day – August 22, 2020.

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  6. Real Love Stories

    Real Love Stories

    Magic moments and little details that truly moved the stars of #PronoviasinLove. Discover our brides’ secrets and the love stories behind their dresses.

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