What To Wear To A Daytime Wedding As A Guest

Woman wearing a party dress with wrap sleeves, standing next to a woman in a pleated cocktail gown, standing outside.

If you’ve recently been invited to a daytime wedding, you may be looking for inspiration and ideas on what to wear. It’s essential to find a daytime wedding guest dress, that is elegant and stylish but not too formal. This is because weddings held during the day typically call for more casual attire in comparison to evening ceremonies and soirees. Therefore, it’s best to look for lighter fabrics, soft silhouettes, and festive colours, when curating the perfect wedding guest look. Today we’ll explore a few wedding day guest outfits, suitable for daytime weddings, ranging from early in the day to late afternoon and evening. 

Early in the day weddings

In general, morning and early afternoon wedding ceremonies and receptions are a bit more casual than celebrations held later in the day. However, when choosing the right dress for a daytime wedding, it’s always advisable to adhere to the dress code you’ve been given by the couple to show respect and consideration. Remember to read the wedding invitation thoroughly to feel the tone before you start browsing morning wedding guest outfits.

Another great way to determine the formality of the wedding will be is to consider the season and venue. For example, during warmer months, you may want to opt for a short cocktail dress in a brighter shade and a classic neckline, such as V-neck for an extra touch of sophistication. On the other hand, if you’ve been invited to a winter wedding, it might be better to select a long-sleeve cocktail gown, suitable for colder temperatures. As for the venue, outdoor and beach ceremonies tend to be more informal and flexible in terms of style and colour palette. In contrast, at a formal venue, you may be expected to wear darker and more elegant colours, as well as statement jewellery. 

Afternoon ceremonies

It’s also important to figure out what to wear to an afternoon wedding, which normally takes places between noon and 5pm. This time of day often provides a different environment that combines the casual ambiance of daytime celebrations and the elegance and formality of evening affairs. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding attire for an afternoon wedding, it’s recommended to choose semi-formal or cocktail options. Consider choosing a sheath cocktail gown to ensure comfort and sophistication. Add excitement to your outfit with vibrant colours and patterns. Choose breathable fabrics like chiffon or cotton to move easily while dancing and chatting to others. Consider knee-length or tea-length dresses paired with elegant heels and a clutch to complete your look. 

Woman wearing a long sheath cocktail dress with three-quarter sleeves and scoop neckline against a grey background.

Early evening weddings

Early evening weddings are usually held between 5pm and 7pm, slowly transitioning to more formal evening events. As it gets later, you will have the opportunity to choose an outfit, that can work for both day and night. To reflect the time of day and tone of celebration, you should have a look at different cocktail dresses featuring a range of fabrics and timeless silhouettes. For a chic and sophisticated look, select an A-line day wedding guest dress. Alternatively, pick out a mermaid silhouette, allowing you to highlight your natural curves and shape. Make a statement with bold prints, from floral motifs to geometric designs. Moreover, it’s advisable to look for accessories, which complement the style of your gown, adding a hint of glamour to your appearance. For example, pair your dress with bold earrings or a delicate necklace for a polished finish. 

Woman wearing a pink fit and flare party gown in sequins and high heels, depicted from behind, against a grey background.

All day wedding celebrations 

Lastly, at all-day wedding celebrations, you may find yourself in need of versatile daytime wedding guest outfit options to ensure you can make the most of this special moment. Always opt for tasteful attire and accessories that enhance your natural beauty without drawing attention from the main event. Choose a suitable dress for a day wedding which complements the overall theme and venue but be careful not to mimic the colours worn by the bridal party. Avoid wearing white or anything too revealing so that you are not overshadowing the couple. Explore chic and elegant wedding guest dresses in various lengths and styles, depending on the type of wedding you’re going to attend. Additionally, if your daughter or son is the one getting married, make sure you sort through our curated selection of dresses for mother of the bride for more inspiration. Make sure to discuss with the couple and other members of the wedding party to match your outfit with the wedding theme and dress code. 

Woman wearing a green A-line wedding guest dress with V-neck, featuring floral motifs, against a grey background

Being invited to a daytime wedding may come with certain doubts and questions about appropriate attire. This is why, today we’ve taken a closer look at weddings held at different times of the day to help you create your dream look that matches the wedding theme and dress code. Deciding what to wear to a daytime wedding requires planning, so you will need to think about several factors, such as the season, weather, and venue. With these tips and outfit suggestions, you'll be dressed appropriately for the occasion, allowing you to fully enjoy celebrating the couple's joy and making cherished memories with loved ones.  

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