Winter Wedding Dresses

Although most weddings are celebrated in spring and autumn, there are many brides who prefer winter wedding dresses to get married in this special time that has a lot of charm. What kind of dress is needed for this special season? A winter dress, which blends elegance and simplicity, and can be found in many different styles: princess or mermaid, narrow or vaporous, your dress is in our stores!

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    A-line wedding dress in crepe

  2. Long sleeve A-line wedding dress with a high neck

  3. Long sleeve A-line wedding dress in Mikado with a V-neckline

  4. Long sleeve A-line wedding dress in crepe with a V-neckline


    A-line wedding dress with V-neck


    Mermaid wedding dress


    Mermaid wedding dress with square neckline


    Mermaid wedding dress with long sleeves


    Mermaid crepe wedding dress with V-neck


    A-line tulle wedding dress with high neck and long sleeves

  11. CEEYLO

    A-line wedding dress with high neck and long sleeves

  12. ASPEN

    A-line crepe wedding dress with square neckline and long sleeves

In Pronovias we offer you different options to look beautiful in your winter wedding, such as winter wedding dresses or long-sleeve wedding dresses. And if the dress you like the most and with which you feel most comfortable does not have long sleeves, we also have the solution! Our bridal jackets are the perfect complement so you don't have to limit your search and you can go perfect and warm that day. Jackets have the advantage that you can put them on or off whenever you want.

Everything will depend on your taste and needs, but both are two ideal options to get married in the coldest and most special time of the year. Would you like to try on some of our winter wedding dresses? Then go to our website and find your nearest Pronovias store to request an appointment. Head over and ask for what you want. We will be waiting for you with open arms to fulfill your wishes. Because nobody is better than us to take care of you the way you deserve.


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