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Love ‘90s trends but aren’t sure how to incorporate the fashion from your favorite decade on your wedding day? Discover the elements that characterize the popular trends to inspire your own bridal look. From Bohemian puffy sleeves to romantic lace detailing, explore the ‘90s wedding dress styles to find a vintage gown that best suits your taste. 

Selecting the right silhouette

In the ‘90s, there were various styles of bridal gowns, but they can be combined into two distinctive categories: minimalist elegance and stunning, dramatic designs. Choosing the perfect vintage wedding dress for you starts with deciding which silhouette best captures your personal taste. 

Minimalist bridal gowns for simple elegance

Showcase your relaxed style on your special day by incorporating an a-line bridal gown. A favorite silhouette of the ‘90s, the dress’s fitted bodice gives way to a slightly flared skirt that gently moves as you gracefully walk down the aisle. Similarly, a sheath wedding dress was also common at the time. The design’s simple, straight skirt distinguishes it from an a-line wedding dress and makes it the ideal dress for a minimalist bride. 

Statement wedding dresses

Another bridal trend of the ‘90s was the breathtaking design of princess wedding dresses. With a voluptuous skirt that provides a striking contrast against a fitted bodice, this type of gown complements any body type by highlighting your feminine torso. Ensure a dramatic entrance by slipping on a ‘90s-style wedding dress in a princess silhouette that showcases your bold style. 

Woman in an off-the-shoulder princess wedding dress with a tiara

Dress details that define the ‘90s bridal trends 

After choosing what type of vintage wedding gown you prefer, the next step is sorting through the details that define the dress’ unique style. From beautiful lace to stunning necklines, below are some things to consider as you get closer to finding the perfect dress for your ceremony. 

Contemporary necklines

The ‘90s wedding dress styles saw a move from more traditional necklines and into cuts with a modern twist. The two that defined the decade were the emergence of the off-the-shoulder wedding gown and the halter style. 

Off-the-shoulder neckline 

One of the most common necklines of the decade were off-the-shoulder wedding dresses. The sensual design showcases your collarbones while embodying the romance of your special day. The alluring yet elegant style allows you to decorate your décolletage or create a regal look by styling your hair in a high bun for a stunning contrast. 

Halter gowns for chic elegance

For brides who prefer to incorporate contemporary flair to their wedding day while staying in style with ‘90s trends, consider a halter wedding dress. The neckline adds a touch of modern sophistication to your bridal look while the open back incorporates a sensual final detail. Choose between a minimalist, satin gown or a pleated skirt that flows outwards for a striking contrast. 

Brunette woman in simple wedding gown with high neckline

Bohemian puffy sleeves

Another trend that characterizes a ‘90s-style wedding dress are the breathtaking statement sleeves. Ideal for brides searching for a relaxed look, the flowy sleeves capture the Bohemian influence of the decade. Slip on A-line wedding gown with puffy sleeves for an ethereal ensemble suited to your laid-back ceremony.

Luxurious fabrics

For the simple dresses of the decade, many brides wore slip wedding gowns in satin. The subtle shine elevates your dress’s design for a chic, elegant look suited to your minimalist taste. Alternatively, for brides who prefer bolder details, consider selecting a vintage lace wedding gown. The floral motifs exude the romance of your special day while paying homage to the decade’s popular trends. 

Unconventional colors 

Towards the end of the ‘90s, colorful wedding dresses were gaining popularity. For brides who prefer an avant-garde look for their modern ceremony, browse our colorful wedding gowns, deciding between feminine pastel pink or stunning floral patterns to walk down the aisle in unforgettable style. 

Woman in a pink low back wedding dress with puffy sleeves

Accessorizing your ‘90s wedding dress

Once you’ve found the perfect vintage wedding dress for your special day, consider styling it with your favorite bridal accessories of the decade. Coordinate your lace bridal gown with a stunning lace headpiece, adding a voluptuous veil for a dramatic final detail. For brides who prefer a minimalist look, pair your slip dress with sheer gloves for a princess-like ensemble. Alternatively, complement your off-the-shoulder wedding gown with a lace collar for a regal finishing touch.  

Whether you prefer the minimalist chic bridal trends or the unforgettable statement details of ‘90s-style wedding dresses, ensure you walk down the aisle in a vintage gown that best captures your style. With many elements to choose from, such as alluring off-the-shoulder designs, stunning silhouettes, and romantic lace details, rest assured you’ll find the perfect dress for your ceremony.

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