Discover the Best Vintage Wedding Dresses From the ‘70’s


The allure of vintage-style wedding dresses lies within the timeless elegance of classic silhouettes and luxurious detailing. Some of the most iconic vintage gowns are ‘70s wedding dresses. Ranging from Bohemian spirit to disco glamour, the era encapsulated a unique blend of freedom, individuality, and elegance. In this article, we explore the appeal of the decade’s designs. 

Bohemian wedding dresses for effortless style

Known for the freedom of expression, the 1970s were a liberating, free-spirited decade that was reflected in the surge of Bohemian fashion. The changing trends included a shift from more traditional wedding gowns towards more relaxed designs.  

The range of vintage ‘70s boho wedding dresses exudes a timeless, ethereal charm with flowy skirts, delicate lace detailing, and breathtaking necklines. Consider a gown with a slit to elegantly showcase your long legs, or instead opt for our tulle designs that gently sway to complement your movement as you walk down the aisle. 

How to accessorize your boho wedding dress

Continue with your Bohemian theme by opting for a delicate, lace-detailed veil that matches the fabric of your dress. Similarly, layer with a shawl in an intricate fringe design to remain warm in vintage style. For outdoor weddings, consider a flower crown that embodies the free-spirited feel of the decade. Prefer a more minimalist look? Incorporate delicate jewelry to complement your graceful gown, allowing it to stand out on its own.

Disco Glamour

For a more luxurious look, brides can also opt for a vintage wedding dress that captures the disco era of the decade. Characterized by sequined clothing, sparkly accessories, and fit-and-flare designs, choose to embody the spirit of the time for those who prefer glamorous style. Consider our deep V-neck wedding gowns with intricate lace details for a breathtaking ensemble. Alternatively, our mermaid designs with a flared bottom that mimics jumpsuits, complementing your figure as you pay homage to the renowned style of the era.

Styling your glamorous dress

To accessorize your vintage bridal gown, consider incorporating dramatic drip earrings that embody the glamour of the era. Similarly, slip on delicate cuff bracelets on each wrist for a balanced look and an elegant finishing touch. For those brides searching to make a show-stopping entrance, select a long veil to cascade around your ethereal gown, adding in a jeweled headpiece for a refined final detail.

Timeless Silhouettes

The alluring profile of a 1970s wedding dress can vary depending on your preferred style. For slender silhouettes, a vintage dropped-waist wedding dress elegantly elongates your torso and highlights your midsection for a stunning look. Another popular style is breathtaking A-line gowns with a fitted bodice that suit every body type. The dress gently cascades outward in a flowy skirt, embodying the free-spirited feel of the decade.

For those who are preparing for a winter wedding, consider a lace-detailed long-sleeved wedding dress for a relaxed, refined look that also keeps you warm. Dare to slip on a bell-sleeved design, for ‘70s wedding dresses were also known for their billowing sleeves and layered detailing. Alternatively, for those who already have a breathtaking gown picked out, consider adding sleeves to the design to enhance the ethereal look. Choose to frame your décolletage and incorporate vintage allure with off-the-shoulder sleeves, opting for our tulle bishop-style for a show-stopping effect.

Modern Interpretations

While ‘70s-style wedding dresses reflect a trend of the past, you can also reimagine the classic designs to suit your modern tastes. Some ideas for a modern twist include:

  1. Opt for a short wedding dress, selecting one with a tulle skirt and ruffled detailing on the neck to pay homage to ‘70s trends.
  2. Consider a princess silhouette for a more dramatic profile suited to your taste, with stunning lace detailing reminiscent of the era. 
  3. Select a satin, empire-waist dress for a minimalist look, and accompany it with a long, lace veil for a Bohemian feel.
  4. Strike the perfect balance between modern times and a 1970s feel by selecting boho wedding guest dresses for your bridal party to complement your contemporary gown.

Seamlessly blended the essence of the ‘70s with some of your favorite contemporary designs to create a truly unique ensemble. By incorporating modern fabrics, minimalist details, and innovative cuts, these dresses can be reimagined for modern times. Brides seeking a balance between classic elegance and modern sophistication can curate their own stunning interpretations.

1970’s style wedding gowns for every bride

The allure of ‘70s-style wedding dresses lies in their intricate details, breathtaking silhouettes, and ability to create ethereal ensembles. The decade was an era of freedom, self-expression, and individuality, all captured in the unique designs of the time. From the Bohemian dream to disco glamour, these gowns embody the spirit of the period while remaining timeless and elegant. The ‘70s-style wedding dress is ideal for brides searching for the perfect blend of a relaxed, romantic feel and a breathtaking gown with exquisite details. 

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