50's Style Wedding Dresses Are Making a Comeback


From 1950s vintage wedding dresses to free-flowing boho chic designs, there has been a resurgence of beloved bridal styles from the past making their way into modern-day weddings.  

50s wedding culture displayed a variety of classic bridal looks, embodying themes of traditional elegance, with numerous brides deciding to add a touch of modernity to their ensemble.  

Among the popular styles for weddings in the 1950s saw many romantic silhouettes and necklines exuding traditional aesthetics as well as embracing modern fashion at the time to create transformative bridal looks.

1950s wedding dresses with romantic necklines

Necklines such as high V-cuts, bateau and sweetheart styles were a highlight of the time. Sweetheart necklines have been replicated in many modern 50s-inspired wedding dresses due to the chic style evoking a sense of classical romance that elegantly flatters a wide range of figures and busts. However, bateau necklines were also a popular style with 1950s bridal dresses, with a straight horizontal line offering sophisticated glamour to any bride who desired an extra touch of modesty. 1950s wedding dresses with sleeves were also a favourite choice during the early 50s, getting shorter and more creative as the decade went on.  

Fairytale silhouettes for 1950s brides

Fifties-style wedding dresses mainly focused on having romantic and fairytale-like silhouettes with a fitted top bodice and a full skirt elegantly flowing out to either to the floor or tea-length. With a ball-gown silhouette, brides of the time were guaranteed timeless elegance with a 50s-style tea-length wedding dress. For a sleeker and sophisticated option, brides decided to gracefully walk down the aisle at the 50s style wedding in a refined sheath gown, a straight silhouette showcasing minimalist elegance.  

Transformative styles for 1950s weddings

As the 1950s went on, brides desired something more modern from their wedding dress fashion and in turn, the rise of transformative bridal looks grew. For their traditional wedding ceremony, brides selected off-the-shoulder and strapless designs for their 1950s wedding dresses. An off-the-shoulder wedding gown was typically combined with a refined bridal jacket, an extra touch of modesty for the ceremony. Brides also decided to elevate their 1950s-style wedding dress with a chic pair of removable gloves, effortlessly transforming their look from the ceremony to celebrating with loved ones at their reception. 

Popular accessories for 50s-style wedding dresses 

When it comes to 1950s brides accessorising their wedding ensembles, a variety of accessories made their way to being popular adornments during the era. A simple accessory can complete the wedding look for a bride, whether it be a delicate necklace paired with a simple gown or a chic hairpin nestled in a wedding updo.  

A classic style rooted in tradition is a delicate bridal veil, often handed down from mother to daughter. This accessory was able to add a touch of classic romance to modern bridal gowns of the time with their timeless and dramatic charm. 50s wedding dresses were also embellished with a pair of elegant gloves, providing the brides' arms with an extra layer for a traditional ceremony, shorter wrist-length gloves were also worn by brides who selected a long-sleeve vintage 50s wedding dress. Pink flowers were also seen throughout the decade as a staple style when it came to floral arrangements and bouquets.

Why are vintage wedding styles making a comeback?

Recent trends have shown over the past few years that brides have been choosing vintage wedding dresses to embrace beloved styles inspired by past eras. Popular culture has also been a driving factor behind the uptake of vintage gowns making a comeback, with a range of celebrities, films and TV shows bringing back styles of the past. This sparks new interest from newer generations and can be a big influence when modern-day brides start their gown research and shopping for their special day.

Modern trends with vintage bridal gowns

The rise of vintage and 50s style wedding dresses can also be attributed to family traditions, with brides wearing a gown handed down from generation to generation and making their own subtle adjustments to modernise and tailor it for their comfort. Another trend showcased in the current bridal attire climate is incorporating the idea of sustainability into their wedding day. Eco-friendly alternatives range from reusing a wedding gown or repurposing a gown suited to your own preferences. Sustainable wedding trends have shown to become quite popular and are only expected to expand and get more creative in the coming years.  

From silhouettes, necklines and accessories, 1950s brides and fashion designers created timeless designs suited for the time that brides of today are still getting inspired by their chic and graceful styles for their weddings.  

Whether you are searching for the dress of your dreams or are simply looking for inspiration, our variety of wedding dresses featuring vintage styles from the past guaranteed to ensure your gown evokes a sense of traditional charm. 

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