Wedding Makeup Inspiration For Brides-to-Be

Woman wearing a satin wedding dress with wavy hair and red lipstic, standing on a white staircase

Searching for the perfect wedding makeup ideas for your special day? Whether you are looking for refined and minimal styles or if you are thinking of a full glam style, discover a variety of the best makeup looks for weddings below.

Natural wedding makeup for minimal elegance

Whether you intend on doing your own wedding makeup or have a special team of makeup artisans already booked for the big day, wedding makeup in a natural style is great for any bride who wishes to display a fresh and understated wedding look. Highlight your refined glamour with a dress to match and gracefully walk down the aisle in a simple wedding dress, ensuring the focus is on your dress and natural beauty. 

Incorporate a natural wedding makeup look into your bridal ensemble for a timeless charm, letting your natural glow take centre stage. If your chosen wedding theme is focused on ideas of simplicity and minimalism, or if you simply want your chosen bridal accessories to shine, a touch of subtle wedding makeup is perfect for celebrating one of the happiest days of your life.

Soft wedding makeup for a refined and subtle look

Enhance your look with soft wedding makeup, offering you a delicate and ethereal style similar to a natural style but slightly elevated. Select a romantic wedding makeup look for eyeshadow in soft and neutral hues, a lip colour that blends with your ensemble or a colour that matches your natural lip shades and light blushing to add a chic pop of colour. This look effortlessly embodies the themes of traditional wedding ensembles and can be paired with a delicate and graceful bridal veil, offering you a classic and refined look.

Woman with soft wedding makeup, wearing a strapless bridal dress and a stylish belt.

Romantic and dramatic smokey wedding makeup

If your statement style is a smokey eye, incorporate that into your complete wedding look by choosing to wear smokey wedding makeup for added drama and elegance. Select a popular wedding makeup look that focuses on your eyes while the rest of your makeup consists of a polished complexion, subtle contour and a tone of lipstick that best compliments your sultry eyeshadow. A style of dress that would combine perfectly with a smokey eye would be a mermaid wedding dress, closely matching the theme of subtle elegance with a fitted bodice designed to accentuate your figure and an elegant flare cascading down from your lower thighs or your ankles.

Woman with smokey wedding makeup and leaf earrings, wearing an embroidered bridal dress and veil

Full-glam wedding makeup for glamorous brides

Wearing full-glam wedding makeup on your special day is an ideal choice for those who want to showcase their expertise when it comes to makeup, whether you apply your own or help design a look with a makeup professional. This makeup style is characterised as having a flawless base, sculptured contouring, a dramatic eyeshadow look and finished with statement lip colour.  

Match your bridal makeup to the elegance of your bridal dress and showcase your best features with a balanced and glam look. Perfect for pairing with a royal silhouette, combine your extravagant makeup look with a princess gown to create a cohesive and bold look fit for any fairytale bride-to-be. For those brides who feel like they’re missing something from their full glam ensemble, complete the look with a delicate and luxurious bridal headpiece such as hairpins and floral headbands. 

Woman with full-glam wedding makeup and a tiara, wearing a princess bridal gown with V-neck

Bridal makeup looks for blue and green eyes

If you are searching for chic and timeless wedding makeup for blue eyes, try incorporating warm-toned shades into your final wedding look to ensure your eyes and makeup create a memorable standout style. However, the perfect wedding makeup for green eyes brings in a variety of shades and tones that makes your eyes pop. Select from red or rose gold shades for a look guaranteed to accentuate your eyes. Alternatively, choose eye shadow in purple hues because of its spectacular red undertones that look magical when paired with green eyes.  

Wedding makeup ideas for brown and hazel eyes 

For brides who are gathering inspiration on wedding makeup looks for brown eyes, we recommend trying a range of deep-coloured shades to help intensify your look. If you prefer an extravagant style, wear metallic eyeshadow to accentuate the natural glow of your eyes.  

Hazel-coloured eyes are typically a mixture of brown and green, with shimmering flecks of gold, appearing differently depending on the lighting. This eye colour works well with rich shades of gold and green, conjuring up a bold and luxurious look showcasing the glimmer of gold specks. Create a refined bridal makeup look with soft eyeshadow and exude minimalist elegance by using neutral shades of creams and light browns to enhance the natural shades of brown in your hazel-coloured eyes. 

Coordinate your final wedding makeup look with the theme of the day, your bridal dress and your eye colour to ensure a show-stopping ensemble. Browse from a variety of skilled bridal makeup artists, or simply take your makeup into your hands and choose a style that feels authentically you when declaring your vows at the altar. 

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